Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

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Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I'm getting intermittent disconnects on my Rogers Extreme Cable service since last Monday, It was all good before tho. Usually it will reconnect within 30 seconds, but is very very annoying when Im playing Starcraft 2, it will instantly dropme out and BOOOO.


It's so hard to do a diagnosis, cuz it only lasts like 15-30 seconds.


BTW  i live in Mississauga, Ontario.





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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

You might want to try Tech Support and let them chew on it for a bit. Don't know if anybody in this forum is going to be able to help with that kind of problem
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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I am having the same thing happen to me, I will be playing and bang I lag out I look at my internet light and yup its offline then 15sec later it comes back online, or sometimes I have to unplug the stick and replug it back in I went from Plat to gold cuz of it,


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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

So I am having the same problem.  I had Rogers techs in several times and each gave me a different answer.  


One told me my signal was low and that sometimes when the signal fluctuates (as it will do all the time) to a low point, my connection will get dropped.  I had to reboot the modem to bring it back once or twice but overall it just comes back after a bit.


The last guy in told me there was nothing wrong with my signal and that it was the modem.  It's a fairly old Moto SB.  I got it way back when Extreme first came out and it required you to purchase the modem as they wouldn't rent it to you.  He said it was probably defective and I should get a new one.


So seeing this thread makes me wonder... since others are seeing exactly the same thing, I bet it's actually NOT the modem.  I think it's a network issue (Roger's not mine) but of course won't be able to prove it.

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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

Hi mackenza,

Intermittency issues are tough to diagnose since you can't connect when you're experiencing the problem, and when you CAN connect, everything seems to be ok. The best way to get that type of issue resolved is to gather as much information as possible regarding your disconnection (i.e modem light patterns, troubleshooting steps you've completed, frequency of the disconnects, or if you're connected to a router, router logs that illustrate that your WAN connection is being dropped.)

When you said "I had Rogers techs in several times and each gave me a different answer," I'm not sure if you were referring to techs on the phone, or actual service techs coming to your house. If you've only done troubleshooting over the phone, you may need to have a service tech come to check out any other possible issues.

If there was an issue with the network or your specific area, we would be able to check that to see whether your problem was widespread, or just affecting you.

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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

This has been happening to me as well and ironically playing Starcraft 2 as well. I randomly disconnect for quite literally .1 second and then I'm right back. It's essentially made online play for any game impossible, and it hasn't stopped at all. I'd like to point out that this didn't happen to me before on the plan that is below extreme, it happened the MOMENT I upgraded. I have a brand new modem and everything, and I'm quite sick and tired of it, I have half a mind to call Rogers and complain but I doubt that'll do anything, especially since it's so hard to figure out what the problem is. Debating just downscaling my internet again.

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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)


If you just upgraded to the new Docsis 3 HN mdm, you may be able to solve this problem by enabling port forwarding on the router.


StarCraft II requires the following ports to be forwarded 1119 TCP/UDP,   1120 TCP.



Hope this helps

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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)



I didnt even know these forums existed lol................


I have the same issue and I have been posting on anothe forum, Here is my first post.


" Hey all

I'm hoping someone here can help me with this d/c issue I've been having for around 8 weeks.

My modem (Webstar by scientific-Atlantic ) keeps resetting or rebooting itself. Cable-data send and receive lights got out power and PC lights stay on, then they come back on after 30-60 seconds.(Im running a direct line to my comp, no router)
Here is an example of the issue..............Lastnight it started at 6:59pm and I was d/c'ed 7 times in 1 hour (6:59, 7:15, 7:19, 7:30, 7:35, 7:53, and 8:06). I called rogers he checked my connection and said i have a good signal.
Since July I have had 5 sevices guys at my house and they have found nothing, they even ran new lines from my house to the box outside.

I swapped out the modem, changed computers (to make sure it wasn't my system) changed outlets, ran 3 different kinds of virus scanner and its is still happening.

I know this is a rogers-end issue but they keep sending techs to my house to do the same testing over and over.
I now have a senior tech coming to my house on Saturday and he is going to say the same thing...."Your lines are fine and your signal is strong". I told the guy on the phone not to send him because it is not on my end but he insisted that the senior tech come........UGH!!!

Wondering if anyone has had this issue or has any suggestions to get it resolved.



Like 2 hours after the tech leaves it starts again, here is my second post.......................


"Well the SENIOR-Tech was here and told me that it was my modem and by swapping it out to a new motorola would fix the issue.

2 hours after he left the dc's started again, got 5 dc's in an hour and a half so I hooked up with live chat to Rogers. The service rep said there was really nothing he could do at the moment except send another tech to my house LOL.

I sent a letter to the presidents office requesting help so Im hoping they can get this resolved. "


So now after almost a week and no reply from the office of the president I posted this.


"Im pulling my hair out man..........sent an email to the office of the president and no reply as of yet.
Changed to an outlet on a different circuit and still im having DC issues.

22 d/c's (and counting) since the senior tech guy swapped my modem. Im on the third one now and my internet is still sucking.

I thought maybe it was only happening when I was gaming but it is also happening when Im just surfing around the net."


Im hoping some tech guy in here can help me out, this is getting rediculous.



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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

Ok I would like to add that I am also a StarCraft 2 player but I was just DC'ed trying to edit my above post.



Could this possible be an UPLOAD problem. I DC alot while gaming.




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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

This may be an obvious question, but for those who recently switched to the new Docsis 3 HN Modem, have you put a security key on your network yet? A lot of users tend to forget this when they swap modems, and if others are bouncing on your connection it could cause a lot of disconnection issues.