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Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I've Been Around

I'm getting intermittent disconnects on my Rogers Extreme Cable service since last Monday, It was all good before tho. Usually it will reconnect within 30 seconds, but is very very annoying when Im playing Starcraft 2, it will instantly dropme out and BOOOO.


It's so hard to do a diagnosis, cuz it only lasts like 15-30 seconds.


BTW  i live in Mississauga, Ontario.





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Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I've Been Around

Another user in Ottawa with the same issue, just the last month or so. Thought at first maybe my router was dying.. not the case.. it's the internet pipe. So frustrating, especially since it's a one horse pony show in my neighbourhood. 

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I Plan to Stick Around

This was happening to me, it stopped.  They still came in and replaced my modem.  Now my download and upload speeds are half of what it used to be.  On Extreme getting 10mb down and .5 up.  GO ROGERS. 

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

where are you speed testing too?  Location can make all the difference as well.


I can run a speed test right now. to toronto and get over 35 (on a 28 plan.. but thats the speed boost), and close to the 1up (900+).

But if i say use even new york, it drops down to under my plan speed.

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I Plan to Stick Around

I tried multiple places. Spots I usually pick all the time to test my speeds.  Not to mention even browsing is slower.   I fully understand that many things could effect the speeds and latency, but enough is enough with this company.  


Take Diablo 3 for example.  I used to have a latency of 140. now its 230 + constantly.  Thought it was the D3 servers, but everyone I play with sais they are fine. 


I often use the nvidia website to test speeds as well.  I used to get 3.8mb/sec downloading the drivers, and now im getting 500k/sec.  


Also I use the BF3 server browser to test pings.  Those have skyrocketed as well. 


I also cannot stream anymore unless I wait 10 minutes for it to buffer.  All this after a NEW modem.  My internet speeds were fine prior to this.  The only issue was the d/cing.  Pretty funny that 1 problem goes away and a new one rises.  Guess it's back to calling this new annoyance in. 

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

Its possible you got a botched modem again?  That.. or it something else in the area.  There any new subdivisions, etc in the area?

That, is still a rogers issue in the end, if its overselling in the area, etc.


But just saying, its not 100% the gateways fault.  I am running the same one, non bridged mode (but wifi off, using my our router as a access point only).. and have never had a disconect.  I play wow and D3, at about 150-200, which is the same i had, prior to that modem.  DL speeds are fine.
But i am also in a bordering rural area, where there is not likely any overselling, etc going on, where it could impeed performance.

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I've Been Here Awhile

I'm getting the disconnect once per day with the "Unicast Maitenance" error noted above.  New subdivisions are going up in my area.  Previous calls are always met with "Well your neighbours modem has been online for 20 days straight".  Personally I'm starting to think it's a line of BS they use at the call centre.  I guess my problem is not that bad compared to some but I've had two tech visits to the house which didn't completely eliminate the problem.  Not once has Rogers admitted the problem was on their end.  IT would be nice to know what was going on forsure.

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I Plan to Stick Around

I find it amusing that this post got marked "Solved".  I just gave up.  My Internet now is so bad I just stopped using it.  Going to downgrade to the lowest possible and look at switching in the near future.  Rogers is a waste of time and money.  In the last year I have had nothing but problems with it.  


Random D/cs

Slow downloads

Horrible for gaming

Poor Customer Service

Throttling not removed yet


Low quality Hardware


It's very clear that this company does not focus on value at all.  They offer you a poor service at a rediculous price.  The fact that they BLAME the issues on someone or something else ALL the time is absurd.  I know A LOT about computers and know 100% of the issues I have had, IS ROGER's fault.  My D/C issue took almost 9 Phone calls before they admitted they were having issues on their end.  Seriously, just horrible.  When they finally "Fixed" that issue, something else is wrong.  So instead of d/cing all the time,  my internet is now slow and sluggish ALL the time (it takes me almost a minute to check 1 email account).  I can't stream anything.  I can't play games.  And they expect me to pay full price in a month? haha, yeah right. Goodbye.  

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I completely understanding if you want to leave, due to it not being able to be resolved.  I would too.

I just wanted to say, for anyone that does read this, that it is not always that way across the board.  I use the same gateways, same services, same speeds, and in my area, and that it is 100% fine. 


Again, not saying that these things are NOT rogers fault, in the case of Zed's problem, they are, but they tend to be more area specific.  It is still something that rogers needs to fix.


Best wishes to you Zed, hopefuly you can find someone that works better in your area.

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I've Been Here Awhile

I started to have T3 timeouts with Cisco DPC3825 about 3 weeks ago on my HS internet.. nothing was changed inside the house so the problem is most likely outside of house. Called pretty much daily (10 patience is beyond thin) and all I got is please check the splitter, make sure you plug the modem in the outlet and not power  bar etc...mundane stuffs... 


Finally one technician came out yesterday to replace the cable out sideo the cable bo.  However the problem still persists after he left.  It's not the modem because I have replaced them 3 times already...



The strange thing is the timeout tends to happen in the evening I guess when most users are online around the neighborhood.  I could be at the end of the loop...but who knows  Also I read somewhere on Internet that it could be an signal amplifier issue at their end..Mentioned that to them but they don't want to send anyone to check it out again.


The other beef I have is they keep putting off the appointment and schedule them during weekday which means I need to take the day off from work..I don't understand why can they check the connection outside when we're not home..but no , they someone has to be home else no appointment..not very accomodating...


So there it goes, end of the road with Rogers for me !  I'll cancel the sub and see if I can void the 1yr contract as they do not deliver the service.


Good luck to everyone out there with Rogers...Cable modem is not as good as I thought !



By the way, the SMCD3GN modem sucks big time..don't go to that model. It advertises as N gateway , but I can't connect to it > 54mps. Tech support guy insisted that it's my PC's modem card . I checked my PC's spec and it has N wireless card....Also if it's the wireless card, how can't they explain that why I can connect to the Cisco DPC at 144mps...

Tech supports at Rogers is not the brightest I've found !



Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I've Been Here Awhile

By the way, I despise their robotic Customer Satisfaction Survey call. Never give out your cell phone when you register with them....

They will keep calling you...the number is 1-866-895-6005.. !!!! One way to anger a customer even more !

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I've Been Here Awhile
Yup, I'm from Ottawa also..Sounds like a common area ..Rogers better do something or their customer base will be eroding fast !

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I Plan to Stick Around

Same issue here with the SMCD3GN model...was working absolutey flawlessly until rogers came into my city and did some "upgrades". As soon as they did that, my modem resets automatically like clock work every 60mins down to the second. They sent a tech out, he installed a new one which was fine for about 18 hours....but its now doing the exact same thing...reboots every 60mins without fail.


I find it a VERY odd coincidence that as soon as they did these so call upgrades in my area this is the result. Not sure if my neighbours are having the same issue but ill be asking around now.

If this can't get resolved within a week its time to move on. I work from home and rely HEAVILY on internet use. I can't afford not to have it, or have it but lose it every 60 mins all day every day.


I'm in the Orangeville area btw, not sure if any readers here are from the same area.

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I'm a Senior Advisor

It is really unfortunate that Rogers sees the need for these upgrades. Both their modem upgrades and the recent upgrades on PVR boxes are wreaking havoc on their customers and Rogers never wants to admit that perhaps they have made a mistake. Then, when you call tech support, they want to blame it on your equipment or your computer!

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I'm Here A Lot
Same issue here. Disconnects every single hour. Modem is SMC on the Ultimate package. Have tried reboots and resets; no resolution.

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

@chrisu91 wrote:
Same issue here. Disconnects every single hour. Modem is SMC on the Ultimate package. Have tried reboots and resets; no resolution.

Not saying this will fix it.. but a few people have swapped their SMC lately.. and found it to stop.. not sure if a different firmware version, etc, that is fixing it., etc.

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I Plan to Stick Around

I've gone from my SMC to the new Hitron Technologies CGN2-ROG router. I was having the same issue as before, first cropping up while playing Eve Online. I was getting "Socket closed" errors in game and I noticed all other computers woud drop internet connection, and the Wii would stop playing netflix videos for a few minutes, then come back up. Searching the Eve online forums showed alot of players were having the same issue, so I figured it was an issue with the new patch for the client.


Then the internet started dropping while I wasn't playing the game.


I haven't played it since yesterday, and have installed the new modem this afternoon. Just surfing and watching youtube and I've noticed my msn messenger sign out and back in again, notifying me of unread messages. I checked the router's admin page, and sure enough, the WAN connection had dropped and the uptime counter reset. All i've done to the router was change the admin password and the SSID for the wireless, then set the encryption password. I'll be calling Rogers shortly to see if they can find something wrong, but yesterday when I called they couldn't find anything 'currently' wrong with it.


As a Computer Tech myself, I can appreciate the position these people are in. There are many times when users have come to me with an issue and it magically resolved itself on the walk to my desk. It happens. It's just annoying not to be able to have logs or be on the phone with a tech when it actually drops in front of their eyes and they can see the WAN connection gone for a few minutes. It just doesn't happen that way. The router is like a little kid in the corner going "Neener, neener, neener." and behaving perfectly fine when a grownup is watching.

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I've Been Here Awhile

Having the same issue also located in orangeville seems i get disconnected every 30-60 min for a 20 seconds and then it loads up again.


It is a pain.


Have you had any luck resolving it?



Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I've Been Here Awhile

My Internet has been going down every 3 to 4 days for the last 5 weeks. When I log into the Cisco dpc3825 which is in bridge mode the log shows dhcp failed. Once I reboot my linksys e4200v2 router the Internet is restored for another few days. Rogers claims its my router but I don't experience any issues with it. Wifi and wired connections are stable and fast. I also use the built in USB port as a nas with my hard drive with no issues on a daily basis. 
More history on the issue:
5 weeks ago my modem was replaced due to the modem going offline every 5 minutes. I had the smc router/modem they replaced it with the Cisco doc3825. 
Since may I have been experiencing pixelation and sound cutting with my cable tv service. 
Rogers claims the modem has not gone offline for 18 days and the signal is fine. 
I have noticed the modem go offline for a few minutes and cycle back up. 
I restored my router to factory settings today. If this doesn't work I will be replacing my router to rule it being faulty. 
Does any one have any experience or thoughts on my issue? Is it my router or is it a problem with Rogers Internet?
I have to add my router was bought in may of this year and I haven't any issues it.
Thanks in advance

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

Same issue in Caledon east with Business internet. Internet releases IP adress every 60 minutes, then picks up IP again.


Junior tech came out, tested line - was a little noise so he padded line - did not fix problem.

Junior tech came out, tested line - all was ok - swapped modem from SMC to Cisco - did not fix problem.

Maintentance came out, tested line - all was ok - stuck around to watch the DHCP release - sent to engineering.

Engineering said all was ok - send back out a tech.



This is has been over the course of 3 weeks - RING AROUND THE ROSIE!



Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I beleive i posted this earlier in the thread, but will again, my findings on this.

And this does NOT obsolve rogers of fixing the issue... they TOTALY should be.


Looking up the errors, you will find that this happens both in canada and the US.. with many different providers, with even both D2 and D3 modems.

Bigest conclusion i saw across all the posts, it seemed to happen in oversold, over congested areas for the infrastructure.. its like there is too much going down the one pipe, that it cant get a reply back, and that it reset the unit to try and re establish communications again.

Re: Intermittent disconnects: Rogers (Extreme)

I've Been Here Awhile

I'm also in Ottawa, and have also had internet connection errors for the last six weeks.  


One change I made in the last month that has helped performance somewhat is changing the DNS servers I was using, since the default ones appear to be overworked, and do not provide DNS lookups as fast as another one I chose.  If you Google "dns nameserver performance benchmark" you can find a free utility that scans DNS nameservers and finds and recommends the optimum ones for your location.  


I then changed this DNS setting in my Rogers Cisco DPC3825 cable modem, and let all my home PCs default to get DNS lookups from the modem setting.  This has helped speed up my internet browsing significantly, WHEN I am not having a connection problem.  I'd be interested in whether others experience a similar performance improvement, if you have not already optimised the DNS server you've selected.

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