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Instant Photos

I Plan to Stick Around


I have Rogers Yahoo email. Is it possible to add a photo from my picture files that would be visible, along with adjacent text, when the email is opened by my recipient? And, if so, what would be a step by step procedure, to accomplish this, as opposed to the traditional photo file attachment process? I'd like to send more interesting and dynamic emails.




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Re: Instant Photos

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I am assuming you are talking about accessing this via the webmail??

That i know of, there is no way of doing what you are saying.. its normaly called 'in-line images'


Now, sometimes if you use some 3rd party email programs, like outlook, thunderbird, etc, that you can do this.. you INSERT the image, rather than add it as an attachment.


While those inline images may look nice, especialy when viewing them in the email with a descritpion, etc.. they are not always easy to REMOVE from the email.. they are often not listed as an attachement, so you cant save them that way, some will allow you to right click and save them from it that way, but now all will.  So may be difficult if your receptients want to save them.

Re: Instant Photos

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

I managed to do it on my Google mail and it also provided a downloadable attachment of the image. It's taking a bit of getting used to, but I'll just keep plodding along. Thanks again.

One more question that you might be able to answer for me. I have a "My Inbox" indication on my homepage. The time indicated on all of the emails on this list is exactly 3 hours (ie 3:00 p.m.) ahead of the actual email delivery time listed on the email in my inbox list. (ie 6:00 p.m.). My computer clock is bang on. Why is there a 3 hour difference and do you know how to fix it. It's no real big deal, it's just irritating, and computers are supposed to be perfect. Ha! 

Re: Instant Photos

I am guessing, that its due to where servers are, etc.

The emails themselves, should be in your aprox time or close, where the rogers servers that the mail is on, etc..

But the whole web portal, etc is done by yahoo.. their servers could be in a different time zone, so it adusting them.


At least thats my thought on it 🙂  (i deal with that when i play Word of Warcraft.  All the games special events, start at X time PST.  The server i play on, is in CST, and im in EST.. so i have to keep track of 3 timezones/displays all at one time :P)

Re: Instant Photos

I Plan to Stick Around

It's no big deal, just another mystery. I'll survive. Thanks for your help.

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