Install Camera in Cable Boxes?

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Re: Install Camera in Cable Boxes?

Hello @robindp

That is true and u are correct about the OP saying that but it states at no extra cost. The app regularly is $9.99 but it seems like it's free for a limited time. Just a bit of a warning on their end that they need a better Internet plan if they don't have unlimited as this can rank up the WiFi bucket as well. ( for one else other then the OP this goes for) Just letting that out there too. Also i wanted to add that due to that if someone with another device aka Android reads ur post, they won't find a solution for it. It seems very limited and can only connect also to one Laptop as well ( for anyone else that wants this information).

Anyways hoping the OP sees this and can take the advantage of it being free for a limited time as its a $9.99 app and can try it out and let's us know how it works!