Input signal strength low?

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Input signal strength low?

Yesterday morning I lost internet connection. I have the Hilton CGN2-ROG cable modem/router.


My Rogers cable TV and Home Phone are both working just fine. I spoke with technical support and they informed me that the Internet modem/router was not responding and appiered offline. I took the modem into a rogers store and swapped it out for a new one. I plugged it in, and now have the same problem. The lights that appear are.....

Power Light - Solid Green

House with Up Arrow - Solid Green

House with Down Arrow- Flashes Green, eventually goes Solid for 10 seconds, then Flashes Green

@ Light - When the House with the Down Arrow goes solid green, this light starts to Flash Green, but then goes off when the House with Down Arrow starts to flash.


So, here is the issue. My coax line IN goes into a splitter installed by Rogers with 3 outputs. The current set up is as follows


Coax IN to 1st Splitter:


Cable TV = -7dB out. On the RF Statistics page under Current QAM, the "Level" is -3dBmV, and the "S/N:" is 37 cB

Internet = -7dB out. Not connecting to network

to 2nd Splitter = -3.5 dB


2nd Splitter

Rogers Home Phone = -7dB out. Currently working just fine

Cable TV = -3.5 dB out. On the RF Statistics page under Current QAM, the "Level" is -13dBmV, and the "S/N:" is 34 cB.


So, I have very limited knowledge about this but know that I want every level to be between +10 and - 10, and the S/N to be around 35.


When I plugged the Cable Modem into the first splitter, -3.5dB the internet is fine, but when I plug the coax line to the Second splitter into a -7dB output, the homephone and cable TV on the second splitter dont work.


Think makes me think that my INPUT from rogers has a low signal strength.







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Resident Expert
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Re: Input signal strength low?

Its possible just maybe that PORT is flakey on the first splitter.. since both the net and the other splitter have an issue with it.


I would give them a call and have them send a tech out.  It will be a free visit.

have them check the signal outside the house, and replace splitters/re organize things as need be.  If there is a signal issue, etc. they could always install a signal boster as well.



Yes, the visit is free, but please be aware that in case the technician determines that the issue is actually caused by some changes that you might have made to the modem connection, such as relocating the modem to another place in your home, or installing some splitters, cables, amplifies to the line, then a service order charge of $49.99 will be applied for the visit.

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 4

Re: Input signal strength low?

Thanks for your reply. I have a tech coming out on Sunday.


I changed my splitter configuration to...


-3.5 Out - Internet (working)

-7 out - Cable tv (working, reads -6dB in the info pages)

-7out - Home Phone working


Can anyone tell me, what unit needs the least amount of signal strength to work, Cable Modem, Digital TV, or Home Phone?


I currently only have 1 cable box hooked up, wondering what the best splitter setup would be.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Input signal strength low?

I can try and check when i get home..


Problem is with mine.. i have one line comming from the street, then it splits OUTSIDE the house into two lines in.
One then goes to the internet/home phone splitter... the other then splits out on another splitter for the TVs.
I could check my one splitter on the internet/phone.. but wont help if/what the splitter outside is though which i dont have access too 😞