In need of dire help for my android phone and micro sim problem!

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In need of dire help for my android phone and micro sim problem!

Hello people,


I am experiencing a problem with my phone and getting it to detect a certain micro-sim card. The thing is, I have 2 micro-sim cards from Rogers. One is converted from a regular sized sim card and that one works perfectly and is detected by my S3 i9300 International. However, my brother's micro-sim card from his iphone 4, doesn't seem to be detected by my phone. The micro-sim card works on the iphone 4, but when inputted into the S3, it won't work :/? Both micro-sim cards are from rogers. Any clue as to why one rogers micro-sim is recognized and the other isn't, even though the one that isn't detected on my phone is detected on another phone such as the iphone 4?


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Re: In need of dire help for my android phone and micro sim problem!

I have a couple of questions:


1. What is the series number of the sim: For example the sim normally starts with 89302720 then the next 4 digits are the series so if your using a 4059 or a 504x sim then yes there is a known issue with those sims not reading in a samsung/android phone. The only thing to do is use a different series, as priginally these sims were not suposed to go to market until after suretap was launched. Alot of people have had this problem, unfortunately samsung did not release a firmware update to support this type of sim on alot of their phones. If its working in the iPhone is it a 5c or a 5s/6 if so these phones have no issues with the sims, but i have seen several older iphones have difficulty with this series of sim over the past few months. 


My advice is to get another series like a 4060 or even a 501x series sim as they are normally the ones offered that support the phones without issues. The only other way to get it to work is to contact samsung directly and ask for the most up to date version of their current supported android os. and search for the SGH-xxxx model of your phone and it will give you the downloads available.