In Mexico with an iPhone 4s

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In Mexico with an iPhone 4s

I have turned off all data (I think) and am using only wifi (again.....I think). Should the local service provider still be showing in the status bar? Terrified I am going to end up with some crazy bill!!! 😞



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Re: In Mexico with an iPhone 4s

Hi @Amandajmorris, Welcome to Rogers Community Forum!


In order to make sure the data is off, please navigate to Settings> Cellular > Cellular Data "Off" and Data Roaming "Off". The steps are true for iOS 8.x


I believe once you are out of the Wi-Fi Range the phone will display the local service provider.


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Re: In Mexico with an iPhone 4s



I also have an iPhone 4S and am on iOS 8.1.3. I use Wi-Fi exclusively unless I have it with me where there's no Wi-Fi. Make sure Cellular is off and you'll be OK. The description under Cellular says "Turn off cellular data to restrict all data to Wi-Fi" which is all you need to know. Turning Cellular off also automatically disables Roaming. On Wi-Fi, I still see Rogers in the upper left corner, along with its signal strength.