Improvement on Rewards Program and Cellular plans

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Improvement on Rewards Program and Cellular plans

          As a customer for more than 10 years, the new rewards program are quite disappointing in my opinion. The rewards currently available are only on for a limited time, as opposed to affect the plans themselves. Certain carriers in America offer rewards such as being a long time rewards member, prices in your plan decrease. Or offer incentives with little to no cost that span to the lenght of the ENTIRE plan. 


          I USE to be happy with what Rogers offered compared to the other carriers, but now i feel like they can charge more now, especially with this flexTab 2 year agreement. I want to upgrade one of my celluar lines to the latest smartphones. But seeing as how my plan will increase from 48$ to 70$. THAT IS A BIG DIFFERENCE. The Rewards Program do not even do much in affecting the plan to make it more worth staying to.


         All in all. upgrading to newer plans espeically for cell phone devices is not worth the money, even with this Reward Program in place. Even changing my plan for one or more devices is a hassle with A LOT of hidden fees and changes not notified by both representatives in store or over the phone.


         I believe the last good deal that Rogers had was 3 years ago with the Blackberry Student Promotions for my son who is a student currently. It was worth the price and 3 years was alright. 


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Re: Improvement on Rewards Program and Cellular plans

The main reason of the plan increase for new phones.. is that they are now offering the same $300 to 500 savings on a phone, over a 2 year instead of a 3.. they are trying to recover some of that cost that they are loaning you essentialy, that they would have had then over the 3 years (at a lesser amount) instead.


All the carriers like bell, telus, etc are all the same, with the increased plan costs.  The only ones that tend to have a lower plan cost, tend to have LESS of a $ discount off the phone.

That is always an option.. you dont have to change to a more expensive plan, if you choose to buy the phone outright, instead of on a contract (but you will be paying full price for it).


While agreed, to change your plan, you might be going up to a higher $$ plan now based on whats available.. there are no hidden fees, etc.  in the last year, i have swaped plans 3 times, with no issues.  Call in, swich plans, thats it.  There are no other fees, etc.
Trick is really then knowing what is all included.
New plans, there really isnt any extra fees (vs some older ones had extra line items for 911, etc), basic VM, callerID, etc all included..

ALL in all.. this area is a USER to USER help forum.
If you have any ideas on specificaly for them to try and improve things, you would want to post the new idea (or add to an existing one) here
Where it is actually looked and and considered sometimes by rogers.