Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

@froma wrote:
From what I see on the Rogers Anyplace TV App, theres a "Recordings" menu section that when you click on it says..

"Coming Soon: Soon youll be able to manage your recordings from your desktop and mobile devices, but for now, you can still use the Rogers Anyplace TV Home edition app to record your favourites."

So i'm GUESSING that on May 31st, that app will be killed in favour of this one which is good as i firmly believe there is no need for 8 different apps if you can share all the functionality within one.

Haha. That message has been there for the past 7 months. Rogers does not even know the meaning of the word "soon". I highly doubt that come May 31, the ability to remotely program your PVR will somehow magically appear. 

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

@OLDYELLR  I think we are beating a dead horse again - like I said earlier, Navigatr all over again, and hot on the heals of the Oath Privacy concerns too - but oh did you see on the main page, that managing your streams

Stream up to 3x more video

NEW! Only Rogers lets you stream up to 3x more video using the same amount of data with Stream Saver.*

When you turn Stream Saver on, any High Definition content you stream will be adjusted to Standard Definition, which is similar to DVD quality.


Distraction - this is not new either - when did it come out - September 2017 - kind of like telling us how great it is to have streaming on anyplace TV app, which we have known about for about the same period of time.


So how about, we are the only company other than Shaw that does not have the ability to manage a PVR, and some of the others, you can even stream your PVR?


And they may be the only company that has it, but the other companies show you how to manage it directly from your streaming apps, they all have it now, or all the big ones do, even anyplace tv app has it, and knowledge and they all have tools for controlling data use.


Except if like me, I don't have share evrything, so I don't need a management tool, the two people in the house manage use (me none - I have no data, and my wife with her 500 Mb, oh and forgot the recent change on top ups to add another annoyance of Rogers recent changes).  How much in one year can we all take.


So coincidence in reannouncing data streaming tool, along with more information on anyplace - be happy we have that for streaming and a remote (you know that technology of how many years ago) for PVR.


I don't think so, lots of distraction going on here for sure.



Allow me to spin a bit on my own.


They understand your concern - we hear that about everything, did they comment anything about your concern, or just deflect to the "

From time to time, we do need to make changes to our products and 
services to refocus our efforts on creating more value for our customers
in other areas. We do have an internal team that is working to improve 
the new Rogers Anyplace TV service.  We do wish to include additional 
features like adding PVR recording functionalities or adding channel 
search options to the service

So we wish to, but we won't acknowledge that we can or can't, yes, we know it has been coming soon since September, but no comment on the reality that the legal framework of licensing is probably preventing them from doing so.  By the way, forgot, search functionality is also part of the licensing holding things up - had forgotten that one - that for me confirms that the person indirectly confirmed that they wish to add PRV functionality and search options, but doesn't mention what you have told the person, that the TIVO licensing is holding them and Shaw, and Comcast, and eventually Quebecor TV, and Cox communications and XFINITY, and did they all sign into such a tight agreement with Comcast that they are completely trapped.

But only guesses - they won't tell us anything, but that is not new, but this one comes as close as confirmation as I have heard yet when they included reference to the search functionality which was the second feature that was removed under that licensing.  I never mentioned it because I didn't really care - I don't watch on my phone app, so I am not searching for shows, I do search for PVR recordings, and that is part of the home app, so didn't clue into the fact it wasn't there, but now I do remember that was part of the suit.


And also consider Tivo just signed long term deals with a large european company and for sharp boxes and tv's in Japan for their guide and other features, that Tivo won't sign onto.


The new licensing case in the courts now include,


"Electronic Program Guide with Digital Storage. It covers a method for allowing a user to select storage options for storing programs using an interactive television program guide implemented on user television equipment which enables the digital storage of programs with more advanced features, such as program information associated with the recorded program."


Interactive Television Systems with Digital Video Recording and Adjustable Reminders. This patent claims a system having storage circuitry and control circuitry configured to access a database to retrieve an archived video copy. - the heart of a PVR.


ystem and Methods for Identifying and Storing a Portion of a Media Asset. It covers a method of resolving a voice command for a media asset where the voice command does not expressly name the media asset, allowing a user to request a video clip such as a specific scene or trailer on-demand.

Another key functionality in the Comcast model.


Along with two other ones dealing with resolving key strokes with ambiguous entry.


What does Comcast have to do to pay the license and clean this problem up - pay the same price or more than the deal set with AT&T and others.  Of the top 10 pay-TV providers in the United States, Comcast is the last holdout who has not signed a licensing deal with TiVo.


So, another fine mess Rogers has got itself and customers in - first Espial and Navigatr - who could know that Cisco would pull out, then try to do it on their own - failed miserably, held back on 4K PVR until Technicolor produced their new box and layered espial software on  it too - all licensing for apps and programming solutions resolved as best could be on the old platforms, but not they are pinned to the floor by Comcast and Tivo, and I know it is legal, but try just being honest - We wish to include, is the closest we can get them to admit they want to, but silence on that they can't.  But they never told us about Espial and Cisco and Technicolor either, we on the forum found all that.


Final point, "I understand your concern, I absolutely would like to assist you further with your concern" - more realistic response - I understand that this loss of functionality has detrimentally impacted many customers, like yourself in a range of difference ways, some just the beauty of the feature, and preferences, but in some cases, significantly impacting those with disabilities.  I would like to assist you with the concerns, but all I can say at this point due to issues outside our control is


We are in the middle of making a significant committment to a new model of TV and it has unfortunately negatively impacted users in some areas, such as those you mention.  I cannot confirm any of your comments related to licensing as those are in the realm of our core supplier and we are limited in what we can say under the current conditions.


We had hoped to add features such as the PVR functionality and the search function, but have not been able to follow through due to circumstances out of our control, but we are actively communicating and working on these issues and hope that we can be provided with a solution very soon.  Unfortunately, as we have moved forward, we have also found it challenging to keep the few legacy apps operating as they did before, and were forced to decide to remove the app from distribution.  For this we are sincerely sorry for any inconvience "we have created", and hope that customers can be patient during this unexpected event.




Now this would be honest and clear and transparent - you know those fancy buzz words, now required by EU, that companies seem to struggle with, and rarely if ever run things past the customer, just drop it on us and let us figure it out.


So, stay, renogiate my changing contract, reduce services to change costs, while living with reduced services by them too, or look to another model like cut the cord, or jump ship.


I am getting to the point of what will they mess up next - their track record is not running well for sure.



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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

And in an earlier response in the thread from management - We wish to add manage your PVR functionality and additional search functionality (an unmentioned second license restriction until now - I know I have not mentioned it because it didn't impact me as I was using the Home addition which has the old search technology for locating shows by theme, title, performer to assist with finding items in guide and your PVR programming.  And much easier to use than the hunt and poke method and useless results on the PVR from the search functions - see other posts for lots example of silly things that search returns in Navigatr.),


So unless they are getting licensing on their own, they are writing a new platform or getting that software from someone else that won't violate contracts with Comcast by rogers, I don't see that anything magical will occur on May 31st, except maybe that recordings tab will disappear - it has already disappeared on the XFinity streaming web page and apps (same as blue sky and the other shaw web site and apps.


They have all stripped any reference to recordings on your PVR - nope Rogers leaves it sitting there.  Just say it isn't coming and let usmove on, we will grip, some will escalate, some will move on, some will do AODA submissions, some will go CRTC and CCTC, some will go media, but let's just get on with reality - enough offending messages, like we understand, we are sorry, use your remote at home, and isn't it great you can stream tv on apps - oh that is not new, we already new that and what does that have to do with the conversation, except a deflection.



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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

I used "Share a Concern" today and received a call back within a few hours.  Here's what I learned from the Manager I spoke to.


1. The Home Edition app, although very useful for people like us who have posted in this Rogers forum, is not used by a large percentage of Rogers customers.  I stated something very similar 7 months ago when Rogers took away the "Manage PVR" functionality from the computer/web-version - probably not used by many people.


2. AnyplaceTV is used by a huge percentage of Rogers Customers, so Rogers is concentrating on those customers.


3. Operating both apps is costing Rogers and they are shutting down Home Edition at the end of the month. That decision appears to be final and irrevocable, much to the chagrin of the people in this thread, me included.


4. The "Manage PVR" functionality will (supposedly?) be available at some future date in AnyplaceTV.  The manager I spoke to could (would?) not provide a date. I did mention that we've seen "coming soon" for 7 months already and that most people's definition of soon is not 7+ months...


5. Although the people in this thread are a "minority", we can make our voices heard by contacting Rogers (through "Share a Concern", etc) perhaps providing Rogers with the impetus to have "Manage PVR" part of AnyplaceTV sooner, rather than later, or never.  We are, after all, the "power users," that Rogers should keep in mind.


6.  I also mentioned the condescending nature of the "you can still use your remote" paragraph in the e-mail.  The manager agreed that this did not sound good and will forward that comment to higher management.


I hope this brief summary is helpful.

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

That is very interesting, that the HE is not used much.

i find it VERY surprising as it's the only way that I know of to control the PVR remotely..

is it really true that people don't need to do that?   No one takes vacations, goes away for the weekend, has the home theatre in the basement etc ?


i guess it's possible that those who would be inclined to use HE may be using one or other streaming option vs recording regular programs ( we do both, Netflix and recorded broadcast).


i don't suppose there could be any problem in their stats??


Assuming their stats are correct, then the good news is that, given the technical box they are cornered in, they are probably doing the right thing.  

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

One thing that annoys me about the PVR is that it can be programmed only a week out.  Back when we were using VCRs, 2 weeks was normal and some models would go 4 weeks.  This makes a big difference for those who travel.  Remote programming is important for this, if no other reason.


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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

Does the expression “ lying with statistics” come to mind? 

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

"Record series" covers some situations.  

But yes that's why the remote access via mobile is so useful. 

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

I used the "share a concern" form on the website last night, explaining my issue with the feature shutdown and how the app isn't just a convenience for me, but rather the only way to access features I pay for. I got a call from the management office today, and the guy I spoke to gave me a $100 credit without being prompted. He also said he'd pass my comments straight to the development team. It's hard to say what the latter will accomplish, and a credit doesn't fix the problem, but I at least respect that he understood how the decision is financially unfair to me.


If it's true that they're shutting down the app because only a minority of customers use it and doing so saves them money, and not because of any licencing issues, I guess we'll soon see what's more important to them: saving a little money, or equal access to their services by people with disabilities...

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

And one thing I will emphasize - and this is an ongoing discussion in Ontario and throughout North America - disabilities are a minority, but they are a protected minority under our constitution and charter of rights and freeedoms and enshrined in law under OADA, which I will acknowledge is partially in implementation, but must be in full force by 2021 for any device or service that accesses the Internet.


They had a product that actually met the future standards for AODA, and I have real problems with anyone saying that the majority don't use it, and that they understand it creates an inconvience for some - accessability is not an inconvience, it is a right under Ontario and Canadian laws.


Should we allow buildings to not replace a damaged ramp because most don't use it?  


So when I hear that majority of people don't use it, when a demonstrated case has been made that some of that minority are using it to make their services accessable.  It doesn't hurt to be ahead of the law and would be a good marketing point that they always consider the need for accommodation.  


Another example of refusal to accommodate - refusing to provide written copies of quotes for us to read - comprehension disabilities represent a reasonable amount of the population.  Text disabilities is a recognized service need by the CNIB, and this app provided support for those with text disabilities, along with visual disabilities.


I will always stand up for the rights of those who need accommodation. I have the requirements myself, but I spent a whole career focussed primarily on services and suppports and accommodation for those who needed and it has always been a fight to not put the needs of the majority over the additional costs or supports required for disabilities.


I realize they are into a corner, but to say that it represents the minority and they are focussing on anyplace TV ignores the emphasis on the need to accomodate and raises serious questions for me about the value structure of Rogers.


Just my opinion.