Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

What a terrible APP !  , I pay for a subscription , then internet , home monitoring and now cell service . 

I think Rogers gets plenty of money from me . 

So I want to watch my TV outside and purchase a iphone adapter to connect to my TV , great right ? WRONG !

I connect it  , turn on my PAID " Rogers Anyplace TV " app and connect the cables to find it doesnt work due to an HDMI connection..... are you kidding me ?????????  What gives , what happened to " ANYPLACE " tv ? 

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

The decision to take away the ability to remotely manage the PVR is downright terrible.


I had not tried it but knew it previously existed.  I was looking forward to setting up recordings while away on vacation.  Again, terrible decision. 

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

Rogers was already a horrible company and its just got worse, whoever are the tech guys, they obviously have zero clue what the end user wants, its bad decision again and again, who in there right mind does not integrate the two apps and allow you to control your home PVR from the app,  there customer care has to be the worst of any big cooperate entity - period!!!

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

I won't dispute your opinion on customer service and what the customer wants in their service.


I have a list of issues as long as both arms on removal of feature sets that I used and others weren't happy either.


This one is not completely of Rogers doing - they are moving to Ignite TV using Comcast technology.


Now you may say - hey what does that have to do with my traditiional Cable TV navigagtr model?


Good question - first and most important - these apps were originally designed for navigatr, not for ignite.


There was no reason why the apps and the website couldn't run with manage my PVR or recordings on Anyplace TV on both phones, tablets, or desktop/laptops.


When Comcast first implemented the new model 3 years back, it all was present then.


In 2017, they lost an international trade ruling and they could not longer have manage PVR on any thing that touches their Ignite services.  This impacted all companies in North America who are implementing Comcast X1 technology, (Ignite TV), and so the manage PVR was removed from anyplace TV on desktop and on the tablet/smartphone apps. 


Tivo left the ability for the legacy apps that Shaw, Rogers, and Comcast and a few other companies had that were directly tied to the old model cable tv (in our case Navigatr), and the home featuremeant that you were just using DLNA over your WIFI to view TV, so you couldn't watch outside of the home Rogers WIFI connection to Internet.


Well, since that time, Comcast has dropped their legacy app, it appears that Shaw still distibutes and supports it, and still reports that manage and set recordings is still there for the legacy box, and now Rogers dropped theirs too.


In my discussions with upper level teams on the original drop of manage PVR on the Anyplace TV, I was advised that all resources were dedicated on the app side and online access to Ignite development and that the legacy stuff would have to wait and some features were going to be lost (no explanation why at that time.


Since then we know that the Web browser interface manage PVR and the app, which are now Anyplace TV and interfaced with Ignite back end side, that all references to recordings were first coming soon, along with full testing of all browsers as they wanted to keep evelopment narrow.  But we now know there are contractual legal issues related to this functioning .


There was no legal reason for removing the app, but now they claim it had little usage (the home app) and they felt that they could move foward to non-support and removal - shows that they are not willing to keep support for those who still had the feature - it was emphasized for months that it was coming soon on the other apps and web site, and pushed the Home version as a way, and then it became, no we are dropping it, but you can program from your home as an alternative from your remote - not exactly away from home PVR recording.


This is not the first time we have gone through this dropping of Manage PVR, we went throuigh it with Navigatr too, and here we go again.


They don't seem to recognize that what htey used to call valued added features is what brings people here and makes some people lead.  If Comcast ever settles the licensing issue with Tivo it may come back, but Comcast is holding fast saying the TIVO patents do not apply, but that could take years to resolve, and when you consider that every other company around is using those same patents, why not Comcast allow their new licensed com;panies use like Rogers.


This is Rogers - not first time I have watched them drop added value added features - one number, making data top ups on phones complicated and confusing, changing them every couple of months, difficult to understand models around comcast, Apple TV, android boxes and Roku boxes, continued poor quality modems, and the list goes on.


They used to be leaders, now they have moved from being leading edge developers, to being just another provider subcontracting services like Navigatr, Espial, Comcast, One nUmber, and they get caught being dependent upon what happens - moving from a devleoper of leading edge technology and ideas, to a consumer of technicology has its risks when you don't have a system of due dilegence and being prepared for plan b's and c's.  Now a company like the alternative one who started IPTV 10 years ago, not through development, but working closely with suppliers - they have always worked with outside providers, since Nortel ended, they have had no choice.


Oh well, enough Rant - we don't have manage PVR, we have poorly understood availability to channels on Anyplace TV depending upon where we are, and who knows if or when it will change, and as a user of navigatr, I worry about this trend of making it second fiddle while they keep developing the new one - it is not market ready yet and is still in soft launch now as they work all the bugs out.  Then build advertising and support, and in the meantime, it seems clear that Navigatr is second fiddle at this time, and often they have fiddles with broken strings being asked to keep playing. LOL



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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

"Are there any 'work arounds' or alternatives (while staying with Rogers) ?"
I didn't read the whole thread, but the one workaround I can think of is a Slingbox. They're designed for watching remotely whatever's on the TV. But this has the side-effect of letting you control the STB or PVR, including setting recordings. It's not as elegant as the app's way (before May 31) but it usually works. You enter commands in the Slingplayer app (or website I think) the Slingbox sends the appropriate IR signals to the PVR. The old Rogers app (and the current Fibe TV app) are much more elegant for this.

Slingboxes are surprisingly expensive considering they're a technology whose time has come and gone (I got my first in 2006 when almost no programming was available online). Now you can just use "[network] GO" and watch recent programs for the most part. I'm considering hooking up one of my old v1 Slingboxes just to use to control the PVR remotely on my notebook (not worth it for remote watching). Newer Slingboxes work on mobile devices, are easier to install, and so on.

Not sure how long I'll stay with Rogers, with this in addition to the junk that passes for a PVR.

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

I agree with everything you said. I used the remote PVR feature extensively. With no notice they stop it and give us an application that doesn't work. I am also sick to death trying to contact someone over the chat service (at least 30min to 1 hr). I am going back to Bell

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

Wow.  Rogers continues to frustrate the heck out of me.  I am really fed up with what they have done to my TV watching experience.  It takes so long to get anywhere with the guides, OnDemand is so slow to get to what you actually want to see and removing the ability to fast forward through commercials… okay I get why you need the revenue from forcing us to watch the same 4 commercials repeatedly, but to screw it up so badly that you can't even rewind an on demand show without getting stuck in commercials because it won't rewind through them and you lose your place in the show altogether - WOW do I hate it!   Now Rogers has also taken away the ability to control my PVR using the app?  It's the WorldCup semi final today and I realized after I had left home that I forgot to setup my PVR(s) to record it.  As an aside, that process has also become so time consuming by the time I wait for everything to boot up and get to the guide, etc...  After all this, I thought at least I could set it up remotely using my phone and enjoy it when I get home.   But, I can't.  Rogers... you are so far from awesome...

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

If you read this thread from the beginning you'll see that Rogers discontinued the app and web function to manage your PVR because of copyright issues. It appears that Rogers has not moved forward on replacing it because they're devoting all resources to the new Ignite platform and don't much care about legacy cable customers.

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

That basically sums up the issue - as I mentioned when you stop having the ability to be the leaders in development and also being able to choose licensing structures and dependent upon broadcast agreements, you are are now dependent totally on the suppliers of services and technology.  


It is not that they can't build concurrent models side by side, as the licensing could be purchased and place on, but there are probably resstrictions in contracts with Comcast on that one as seen by impact on all companies using the technology.


There appears to be no reason for why they stopped at least the home app for management, other than they would have to be supporting two seperate systems, with the clear intent that they want off the old one int he long run.


Kind of like Bell still has Satelitte as an alternative to IPTV for those who want to go that route.


I was in a subdivision in Collingwood, a close net community of about 100 hours that has both Rogers and Bell Fibre - Bell came through with discounts and got close to 60% of home owners, but they are all thinking of at the end of terms, if deals are not repeated, they will flip to Rogers - so we see the whole silly new discount game in play in a community where they all talk to each other. -- About 20 % are on 
Satelitte with high the gig Internet, there are some on IPTV and on Rogers internet, a whole mix of choices.


I see a model in that community that the people are pooling together to push the companies to provide the mix of services and choices of individual services, not bundles to meet their desired needs.


So in a sense, Rogers is now just another tv, phone security and internet provider with little difference, and same for wireless - if you can get communication betweej consumers they choose based upopn pricing, the service they wish to have and some choice on features, but my brother in a law said features had little to do with choices -  price, quality, and service customer support decides and as one customer has problems, everyone hears and it influences their year to year decisoins.


I don't see them as a leader at ll, just another service when you put them face to face against each other where fulll technology choice is availalbe -.


We are driven by technology choices and marketing and profit lines and things like pass overs in a neighbourhood, all statistical factors that drive decisions of what to do and what to let go and unfortunately, the feature of managem My PVR and strange mixes without any clarity on what we can and can't see anywhere.


It is not anyplace TV - it is actually - Home TV - those channels we receive on Moca in our own home over WIFI netoworks via anyplace TV app, and Away TV (there is nothing anyplace about this service at all - it is two different services - and no reason they couldn't make a clear distinction of which one we are - the app has to know - why not a trigger to say you are on away tv and your channel choices are limited due to broadcasting rules and licensing and will not include all you can see at home.


But that would be fully honest and clear to the customer and if we could compare the different companies on these home versus away services, that would be a choice we may take into play.


Certainly some people have said they are jumping on manage PVR which not even the new model will have at this point, so on that feature - Bell wins.


Instead, we get general coments on services availabvle, andnote not ;much cmparison of differences on servides right now - although Bell does.


This is the new world of TV right now and it is in transition largely because of licensing, profit margins, more choice for customers, and also it is getting too expensive for some.


I was away this weekend, and I learned quickly that those stations not included, you get at block orange note saying not available - fortunately, it was broadcast on a canadian channel late night show, so we could wathc it, and I really did want to check by PVR settings, a new show came up I wanted to record, now I will have to wait for On Demand - an HBO show.


That is the reason why it is not used much - we use it when we need it and it is critical to us since they gave it to us and markedted as an important feature that Rogers can offer  - now one less feature, and it starts to just become TV, so I now start to begin to think, so is Over the Top, Tivo with antenna and PVR and the full guides and manage PVR away from home.


So unless Rogers wants to keep supporting the legacy model (not likely in long run or clearly on this PVR issue, they are not going to support the legacy app), or change up the contract with Comcast and allow for Rogers to build in and pay for licensing with TIVO, the story has been written for now.



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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition

That is it.  Rogers and Bell have the highest cell phone and tv charges in the industrialized world and their profits are through the roof yet they constantly take features away, provide features that are worse than useless and gvevrewards to new cstomers while grabbing more and more cash.  When internet, cable and cell become higher than your mortgage, it is time to stand up.  Why are we so whimpy?  Like unions, if we all worked together we could bring Bell and Rogers to their knees and force them to negotiate better service.  Yet without a significantportion of their customer base, say 10%, they would just ride out the storm but take away 10% of their business or more and they would take notice.  Someone who is good on twitter, texting and online communication should try to get the ball rolling.  I would be in like Flynn.