Image Freezing on all channels

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Re: Image Freezing on all channels

Think there is a HSUD issue with my Nextbox.  It was freezing while watching live TV (within a few minutes).  Followed the advise from which, presumably for an 8300 box, and the problem goes away.  Thinking this is a firmware version issue.  My second Nextbox does not have this problem.  Going into the diagnostic screens, it appears my signal levels are fine on both boxes.  What can I do to get Rogers to update my firmware?

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Re: Image Freezing on all channels

Hello @jsreisch,


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Having your Cable service freeze up while watching is no way to enjoy a favourite TV program. =(


The 8300 boxes are quite different from our NextBoxes but you may be correct in your assumption that there could be a firmware issue especially if the signal levels are looking normal. We'd like to run some tests to see if we can detect any problems on our end. Please send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started on this for you.


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Re: Image Freezing on all channels

Wow, I haven't heard the term HSUD in quite a while. Although it was an issue with the 8300s a while back, I don't recall it ever affecting the Nextboxes (8642, 9865, etc), either with RTN or Navigatr firmware.


Have you performed a reboot of the box? It's possible the firmware didn't download correctly at your location. Rogers has been rolling out new firmware to various locations in Ontario recently. There is nothing you can do to force a (new) firmware download.   What is the make/model number of your box and how old is it (date can usually be found on the back or on the bottom)?  It's possible your hard drive is starting to fail.  Are you renting or did you purchase the box?