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IgniteTV Surround Sound

I've Been Here Awhile

Hello!  First post...


Long time Rogers customer, new Ignite subscriber.  Any Ignite customers having trouble getting surround sound (DDS5.1) to work from these Ignite TV boxes?  In the settings, I have tried both Auto and Expert (forced surround sound), but neither work.


My connection is not HDMI direct to my surround receiver - it only has optical (toslink/SPDIF) input.  My Panasonic TV has optical output.  I have DDS5.1 when using the smart TV for Netflix playback - not from the Rogers Netflix app.  I also tried using an audio extractor/splitter - same results.




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Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

I've Been Here Awhile
HEY....OK, I removed the optical cable....still no sound

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Just to eliminate the obvious:

1. Do you have any other devices attached to the AVR, and do they produce both video and audio

2. Have you tried cycling through the different Sound Fields

3. Have you tried turning off the AVR, unplug for a minute, and trying it again

4. Have you tried unplugging the Ignite box for a minute, and then trying it again

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Danno46 wrote:

My AVR is a Yamaha HTR-6290

Ignite box HDMI to Yamaha

Yamaha to Samsung TV - HDMI

Yamaha to TV - Optical cable (for audio)

1. In these AVRs you often need to "assign" the audio properly in the Audio setup for the AVR. For example, if you're using "CBL" input in the AVR for the IgniteTV box, that input needs to have the HDMI "assigned" so that the AVR takes the audio from the HDMI input, instead of say from the optical or coaxial input. Download the operating manual for the AVR if you haven't already and look up how to properly assign the audio inputs.  These AVRs are fairly complex to set up since the audio for each input can be assigned to many different sources - optical, coaxial, HDMI, analogue audio, etc.  I suspect you haven't properly assigned the audio, hence no sound.


2. Another option would be to connect the IgniteTV box directly to the TV via HDMI and run Optical from the TV to the AVR and tune to the proper input in the AVR. Again you would need to "tell" the TV to use the "external speakers" in the TV's audio setup, and you would need to properly assign the optical input in the AVR.  


3. You also need to realize how the signals flow. For example, you say "optical from AVR to TV" when the signal flows the other way and this cable is not needed if you use the connection outlined in comment 1 of this post.

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

I've Been Here Awhile

Running ignite to my older deno reciever av689 and then to my projector. No sound???? everything else i connect to the reciever i sue some sort of audio cable, but the ignote box only has hdmi, video is fine, but no sound, please help!!!

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

I've Been Here Awhile

so apparently my reciever is old and sucks, but there must be some sort of splitter which can take the hdmi signal and pull out the audio through another cable right?

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@gerrt345 : As discussed in recent posts in this thread, to which your post may have been moved, you have several options:


1. Feed HDMI to the TV and optical from the TV to the AVR.  The TV needs to be set properly in the audio setup menu to send the audio to "external" instead of "internal" speakers.  Most newer TVs have this capability.


2. Purchase a converter that has HDMI and optical output with an HDMI input.  You can then feed optical to the AVR as above.  I'm assuming your TV uses HDMI since you don't mention any issues regarding HDMI with IgniteTV.


3. Purchase a new AVR.


Edit - Sorry, I didn't see your post 130 before posting my response.  Most FPs don't have the same capabilities as TVs regarding audio, therefore option 1 may not work, so you'll have to go with options 2 or 3.  As indicated on page 10 of the OM, this AVR doesn't handle HDMI audio, so you'll need the optical or coaxial audio input.

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

I Plan to Stick Around

I'm seriously considering a switch to Rogers Ignite but I'm concerned about what I read concerning DD 5.1 on Cloud recorded programs. I have read a number of posts (many from @57 ) which report that Rogers improperly encodes DD 5.1 on Cloud recorded programs. @57  has posted recommendations for managing this issue but I'd like to understand a little more before I switch.


I contacted Rogers tech support and they didn't know anything about improperly encoded DD 5.1 on cloud recordings.


I have a Denon A/V receiver and pressing the "Info" button displays both the input and output audio channels. (example attached from a Rogers Digital PVR recording).


Could I be so bold as to ask anyone who has a similar capability and Rogers Ignite to post a similar photo when playing an Ignite cloud recorded program?



Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

I Plan to Stick Around

(post merged)


toshiba ty-sbx1020 sound bar


just bought this and cant for the life of me figure out how to control it with the rogers remote, i have the xr-15v2

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Greetings @aharkies!


You can find instructions on how to pair your remote to your soundbar here:




Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Hi You will only see 2 channel input on cloud recording. I have denon as well.

I set cloud recordings to stereo and it outputs dts + neuralx as I have 7 speakers.

Hope this helps

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