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Ignite kicks my iPhone off WI-FI

I'm Here A Lot

Had ignite for a month or so. Was nice at first...AT FIRST.

NOW if I'm watching tv/streaming or on the home phone (yes I still have one) ALL OTHER WIFI ENABLED DEVICES suck hard. I repeatedly get kicked off wifi while on my iPhone and if the tv is on downstairs FORGET about social media...everything takes FOREVER to load. It's like buffering with dial-up! What gives? Had NO PROBLEMS with the Legacy system. Tech coming next week and unless I get results I'm switching back.

Anyone have anything helpful?


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Re: Ignite kicks my iPhone off WI-FI

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Might be a couple of things.. that the tech can hopefully look at.

SIGNAL, if the signal is poor, you might not be getting your proper speed, so is choking if there is too much going on.

Do you just have the Ignite modem?  Or using the Eero mesh network?

Could be just poor overall wireless performance in the house? 
How does the signal look on the phones in those areas? (number of bars, speed, etc)

Re: Ignite kicks my iPhone off WI-FI

Full bars; excellent signal strength; Ignite modem; "poor overall wireless performance"? YES, I KNOW...that's the issue...I want it resolved bc it was not the same with their other (Legacy) system. And 2, TWO techs have already been.
T W bloody more next week. And for my troubles...50$ credit on my next bill. BETTER BRING IT ROGERS...FIX IT

Re: Ignite kicks my iPhone off WI-FI

I'm Here A Lot
Still sucks. Still not working. Still getting kicked off. Getting the runaround from Rogers “oh we will send a tech over your way and will have to check the dilithium matrix conduit alignment..” bs GET YOUR SYSTEM UP AND RUNNING OR REFUND ME AND I GO TO BELL

Re: Ignite kicks my iPhone off WI-FI

I'm an Advisor

Sounds almost like a QOS issue, perhaps the modem prioritizes TV and Home Phone over everything else. I don't know much about the new modem, but perhaps a factory reset might help?


Re: Ignite kicks my iPhone off WI-FI

Sounds like not my problem! AlI know is this:
1. it has sucked for over a month
2. Another tech (4th one btw) is coming next week
3. If it’s not resolved by then... goodbye Rogers
Perhaps worse though: I am now a walking anti-Rogers billboard sounding off to whoever will listen.

Re: Ignite kicks my iPhone off WI-FI

Thank you for your reply @printsandrew!


Have you tried the factory reset as indicated by @gp-se?


Please let us know how it goes with the technician visit next week.

We would hate to lose you as our customer because the issue is not resolved.





Re: Ignite kicks my iPhone off WI-FI

This has been the single most frustrating interaction I have ever had the displeasure of having with you. 

How much longer do you think I will be so patient?

Re: Ignite kicks my iPhone off WI-FI

@printsandrew ,


1.  are you connecting with the modem via 2.4 or 5 Ghz wifi network?


2.  Can you have a look at the bottom of the modem.  It should indicate that the modem is either the Arris TG3482ROG or the Technicolor CGM4141. 


3.  Have you already had the modem swapped out and if so, would you happen to know if you're already tried both modem models?


If that modem hasn't been swapped, as in, its the original modem from day one, I'd request the other model to see if that resolves the situation.  Fwiw, the Technicolor modem has a higher wifi output power level compared to the Arris modem.  That difference is really seen in the channel 149 range and higher, where the Technicolor modem has almost 3x the power output compared to the Arris modem. 

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