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Ignite TV - Installing my own mesh network

I Plan to Stick Around

I switched from the old netbox tech to the Ignite package last week.  I knew it was going to have a lot of issues, but figured I would give it two weeks and see how it was before swapping over to Bell Fibe.  Sure enough, I'm having nothing but problems.


That being said, the XB6 (CGM4140COM) and connectivity to Rogers appears to be rock solid from what I can tell.  I have a direct network cable to it and have had 0 downtime AFAICT -- so that's a positive.


The issue is with the wireless.  The tech insisted the XB6 box had to be installed in the basement directly on the incoming line.  This is despite the fact I have a coax line running to the middle of my house where I had the previous modem.  Fine.  But sure enough, there's simply not enough range to get WiFi signal to my second floor.


To solve this, the tech installed a RE450 TPLINK extender in my main floor hallway.  What's frustrating for me is I had an RE450 already, and it's a piece of junk.  Constantly freezing, lagging and slowdown problems.  I would have expected a higher grade to be used here.  I noted that I've had nothing but problems with TPLINK in my house, but it's what the tech went with.  Everything setup fine on the three Xi6-A boxes...


Since then, I have all the usual issues -- black screens, frequent rebooting required as things hang, etc, etc.  I'm convinced it's the TPLINK extender.


I realize I could call Rogers and another nice tech will come out, and perhaps install wireline extender(s) or offer me some other setup.  But I figure I might as well bite the bullet and  setup a home mesh, something I likely should have done a couple years ago...


With that context, my questions are:

 * If I setup a mesh and keep the same SSID, do I need to (or have Rogers) do anything with the Xi6-A boxes?  Or are they simply driven off the SSID and will happily run through any wireless network I provide for them?  Put another way, does Rogers somehow lock the Xi6-A boxes to the router/system with Mac address or such?

 * Any recommendations on mesh networks that people have with Ignite and are happy with?  Google home seems to be very popular in my circles of american friends, but not sure I know of any Canadians who use it with Rogers Ignite.


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Re: Ignite TV - Installing my own mesh network

Hello. Can you please share the documentation required for Rogers Ingnite modem/router and Google Wifi setup? I appreciate it very much. Thank you. Vish
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