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Ignite 250u upload speed peaks at ~11 Mbps

I've Been Here Awhile

I signed up for the Ignite 250u tier yesterday and it was instanned today. I am very pleased with the punctuality of the installer and the ease of installation.



I'm replacing a TPIA 25/10 Mbps DSL service and my network consists of a 24 port Cisco 2950 1Gbps switch and a Fortinet Fortigate 60D-POE Router/Firewall. The Rogers Modem (CGN3) is in Bridge mode. My Mac Pro is connected via CAT 6 at 1 Gbps Full Duplex.


Now to the problem, my download speeds exceed 250 Mbps on nearly every test (see Speet Test results below) I've run but my upload speed seems to top out around 11 Mbps. One of the main reasons I switched was the 20 Mbps upload speed Rogers claims to offer with this tier. I do a lot of remote work and 20 Mbps upload speed would make my work day a lot more enjoyable. 


Speed Test URL:


Results: Latency 10 ms - Jitter 4 ms - Download Speed 311.53 Mbps - Upload Speed 10.70 Mbps



I'm wondering if my account may have been incorrectly provisoned. Any ideas?







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Re: Ignite 250u upload speed peaks at ~11 Mbps



That's interesting. What area do you live in? I'm in Toronto East York and can't imagine that Rogers doesn't provide 15mbps uploads here. Guess I should call them and find out.

Re: Ignite 250u upload speed peaks at ~11 Mbps

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Hi All,

I can attest that there are two 250u ignite profiles within Rogers. There is a 250/10mbps profile and a 250/20mbps. When I changed my profile from Ultimate 1TB to 250u Ignite, my speed also dropped to 250/10.

It took me a few days to notice. It wasn't until I looked at my SamKnows report that I saw something was up. So I called in Rogers to see what was going on. They confirmed that there are these two profiles. Apparently some areas are not upgraded/have capacity for 20mbps uploads. The agent did a quick check to see if my area was upgraded (which I knew it was) and quickly reprovisioned the service. The process from the whole phone call took about 5 minutes when I explained what was happening.

Just call into support, let them know that you changed your services from whatever to 250u (to save money for example) but you also noticed that your upload speeds have dropped. Ask them to see what profile was provisioned to you, and if you qualify for an upgrade to 250/20 profile. It shouldn't take long. You'll get a change notification email that the service has changed. If your modem doesn't reboot on it's own after the reprovision by the Rogers agent, reboot it yourself and see what happens.

Hope this helps!

I haven't been lurking much because I've been busy with work and gaming. I'll see if I can participate a little more with these type of questions. 🙂

Re: Ignite 250u upload speed peaks at ~11 Mbps

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I am only getting 11Mbps on the 250/20 package as well.


I have been getting 40Mbps from TPIA so I know my area supports it. So why in the heck is Rogers provisioning these account wrong?


Seem like a Bait and Switch to me. Very shady behaviour.

Re: Ignite 250u upload speed peaks at ~11 Mbps

You had 40 Mb/s for an upload rate?

Re: Ignite 250u upload speed peaks at ~11 Mbps

I Plan to Stick Around
Yes I did right before switching back to rogers, but that's not the point. The point is even before switching to the ignite package I was getting faster upload speed with even rogers. The fact is they are provisioning wrong.