Ice Cream Sandwich Audio stops playing

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Ice Cream Sandwich Audio stops playing

Hi All,


I have the Galaxy S2 which I recently upgraded to ICS.  Since doing the upgrade I've noticed that my audio apps (podcasts, audiobooks, music) all stop playing at what seems like random intervals.  At first I thought it was my related to my headphones but I've tried with numerous and still notice the same issue.  Sometimes 20 mins will go by without stopping and sometimes but sometimes it stops in under a minute.


I've noticed this with Audible, Google Listen, BeyondPod, DoubleTwist.


Any help is appreciated.




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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich Audio stops playing

Any community members able to help jwahkan out with the audio on these apps?



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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich Audio stops playing

probably a bad download from kies, i honestly suggest if you want to use the rogers stock ICS to install via ODIN3

ODIN3 doesn't need your phone rooted, its just an easier and quicker tool than kies to install stock software

register there and search for the i727r than it'll pull up both 2.3.6 and 4.0.4 stock TARS

if you want more info just PM me and ill give detailed instructions on how to use ODIN3 but you should be able to fine it all on google.