IRC Bot/Virus threat

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IRC Bot/Virus threat


I have received a call from Rogers today informing me that one of my computers has viruses and its affecting their network. If I don't fix in 48 hours, the Internet will be shut off.

What should I do other than run a virus scan?

Ps. I have 6 computers



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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: IRC Bot/Virus threat

I had that in the past.

Reset your wireless password and change the name of your access point.  You will have to re-connect all your devices then to it.
But this will illiminate that there is the chance of someone else on your wifi, which was causing this.

Run full virus and malware scans (malwarebytes, is a good one for malware).


I beleive, that SOME programs could potentially trip this, if they are sitting there, and consitantly communicating in a way that could trip it.

Make sure, over the next 48 hours, that you keep everything off that you can... at worse case it will all you time to find it out, and not have the machine with the issue trip it.
Keep them disconected if you till scanned fully, etc.  Add them back on one by one.