IPV^ day 2012

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: IPV^ day 2012

I have a D-Link 815 router and have my SMC D3GN in bridge mode connected to it.  I have succesfully managed to configure 6to4 tunnelling, but whenever I attempt to configure 6RD as mentioned on the Rogers IPv6 website, I am unable to establish any succesful connections to the internet.  Even attempting to ping sites that are known to be online directly from the router fail.  I was curious if anyone else had any luck?

Cheers, Brett 

I've Been Around
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Re: IPV^ day 2012

I had a Dlink 655 with Cisco 2100r2 running 6rd.  Works fine for me.  What firmware you run in your dlink?  Also, are u able to reach the anycast IP?


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: IPV^ day 2012

I have now got 6rd working on my Dlink 655 with foirmware 2.07.


I had to add :::  after the 2607:f090       I think that is probably a bug in the dlink...but harmless


I tried dhcp6 but SLAAC+stateless worked better


I used a Google public DNS


2 W7 machines and 1 Ubuntu 12.04        If I boot into W8 p[review I guess I should see ipv6 there as well

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: IPV^ day 2012


I did have to add the :: following the Address Prefix as you had mentioned, but I am still unable to access anything through the tunnel (though it shows as being connected fine).  In order to reduce the impact to my network, I currently have Automatic LAN IP Assignment disabled, and have it statically configured on my computer.  However, for testing purposes, I use the Ping tool available through the router tools page, which works fine on 6to4, but not 6RD.

Perhaps this is an issue of area?  I'm not sure why I can connect to the relay fine, but can't transmit or receive through the tunnel.  Perhaps there is some strange requirement of being inside the Native IPv6 deployment area in order to take advantage of the 6RD (seems pointless to me, but I heard this from Tech Support)?  What area are you guys in?


P.S. 6to4 works fine, however 6RD shows connected, but ping's from the router tools returns a 'unable to reach destination', implying there is an issue with traffic passing through the tunnel.

P.S.S. DIR-815 - FW Rev 1.02b


Current Configuration/Status/Routing:



Cheers, Brett 

I've Been Around
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Re: IPV^ day 2012



I have attempted to setup Rogers 6RD on an OpenBSD 5.0 box and have seen some strange issues...


I setup the tunnel to point to the address stated on the website ( and then 'ping6 ipv6.google.com'.

My outgoing packet is (obviously) sent to, but I see the reply come from the following address:


Ok...  change the tunnel to point to, and ping again...

I will work for a short period of time and then the reply will come from


Try the same as above for, works for a period of time then the reply will come from


The replying addresses rotate, I have seen .192, .193, .194, and .195 but didn't play with it for too long.


It is possible that this is why it doesn't work for you (or works sporadically)


I called Rogers internet tech support about the information provided on http://ipv6.rogers.com and they were no help (level 1 or 2).  From the conversation, I don't believe they have been provided with any training as of yet.


Maybe someone on the forum from Rogers can provide us with the information we need??





I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 86

Re: IPV^ day 2012

I have not seen any anomalous behavior on 6RD at all.


Further to my last post on this I have seen that:  My Galaxly Nexus phone running ICS and now JB  does V6 just fine on WIFI and my IPAD 3 does as well on WIFI.  I think that this shows that three of the major OS suppliers, MS, Apple and Google have software ready whenever Rogers gets native V6 up on Internet and preferaby wireless as well.


I wonder if 6rd or 6to4 works over the portable hub or over the internet stick thing?

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