IGMP Settings on CGN3ROG Router

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IGMP Settings on CGN3ROG Router



I am trying to disable the IGMP setting on my router, as I need to do so in order for Airplay to function with my Yamaha router.

How do I go about doing this?


Thank you



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Re: IGMP Settings on CGN3ROG Router

I do not beleive you can 😞

Now.. i beleive its just the WIRELESS portion of the CGN3 that is doing this... as i do have my CGN3 in regular router mode, but the wireless off.. and using my own 3rd party router, just as a wireless access point.. and Airplay to my Yamaha receiver and my airport express work FINE.

I think to get it working properly.. you will need to use a 3rd party router for wireless as i did above, or go the full route of bridge mode and have the 3rd party router do everything.