I want an Iphone, info needed.

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I want an Iphone, info needed.

I'm on a company phone plan and if I want to upgrade or replace my phone I hae to do it at my own expence. I currently use a Blackberry Curve which I've purchased as a replacement phone already. Now I wish to purchase an Iphone 4. What is needed for me to do so? I'm probably wanting to purchase a used Iphone 4 as I cannot afford the extra expence of a new one. Am I correct in assuming my current simm card is not compatable with an Iphone? Bottom line, what are all the steps and expences to make this transition myself without having to get my company involved in this process or is this possible? With other cell phones I just swap my simm card.




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Rogers Employee WiseD
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Re: I want an Iphone, info needed.

Couple things to mention:


1st: An iPhone 4 comes with a special Micro SIM card. This card will only work in the iPHN4 model devices. They can be purchased from any Rogers retailers for 10 dollars plus tax


2nd: Are you currently able to browse the Internet on your Blackberry (without using Wifi)? If yes then ignore the rest of this point. If not then you are most likely on a Blackberry Messaging plan that will not work with the iPhone. You would need to change your data plan if this is the case.


3rd: Rogers (or any carrier that I'm aware of) doesn't sell used devices. You would need to look third party for a used device.


Hope this helps.


I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: I want an Iphone, info needed.

Yes, I'm on a plan that allows me to use the internet without wifi. Would I somehow able to transfer my contact list?

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Re: I want an Iphone, info needed.

If you can save your contacts from your BB to your computer, then iTunes will let you sync these to your iPhone. Also, if you can sync your BB to google or yahoo, iTunes will sync from these sources as sell to your iPhone.

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Re: I want an Iphone, info needed.

Although the Blackerry phone I'm currently using is my own, the Rogers plan I'm on is paid by my company. So that being said.... Wouldn't I have to be issued a new Micro SIM card as my current one isn't compatable? I know it was mentioned I can pick one up from Rogers for $10.00 but am I able to do that if it isn't my own account? Doesn't SIM card = account & phone number? I have swapped my current SIM card on many phones I've had but cannot with an Iphone.

Retired Moderator RogersJonathan
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Re: I want an Iphone, info needed.

Hello dagren,


Welcome to the Rogers community,


You will need to be an authorized user on your company account to change the sim card. Or you can get one of the authorized contacts on the account to call on your behave to change the sim card provisionning on the account to a new mirco sim card.


Here is the number to call 1-866-931-DATA.


I hope this helps and answers your question.

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Re: I want an Iphone, info needed.

I know where there is a Samsung galaxy s for 100.00 and it's only 1 yr old
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Re: I want an Iphone, info needed.

1st, wrong. My micro SIM in my current iPhone 4S originated from my iPhone 4 & has been tried in a Galaxy Nexus & Galaxy S2 with everything working.
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Re: I want an Iphone, info needed.

Dagren, what you should probably do is go to your company person and let them know what you want to do.  You will need a new microSim, but its quite easy to assign it to your account and move your number over to it.  This is a chance for Rogers to get some money out of you - they will almost certainly have some kind of nonsense fee that is 'necessary' because of whatever corporate has dreamed up as a reason.  I'm guessing around $30 - $40.


Sometimes companies only fund certain types of devices and plans for their employees.  It may be that they will not pay for an iphone plan, only a blackberry one.  That's all stuff probably best sorted out with the guy responsible for it at your workplace.


Most canadian companies are offereing a brand new iphone4 for free with a 3-year contract right now.  If your company gives you an allowance and doesn't insist on going with Rogers, I would recommend going to a company that provides actual service and perhaps taking advantage of one of those promotions.

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