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I need help with my PUK code!

I've Been Around

Hi everyone,

I am having a huge problem with Rogers Technical Support. In January I purchased a pay as you go phone. It is the a256 Samsung Hype. I closed the account in February due to my ex getting access to my phone and using it. I reported the phone lost. They apparently cancelled the account for me. I finally got my phone back about a month ago but it was PIN sim locked. I tried 3 times unsuccessfully to input the pin. Now it says PUK required.

I have called Rogers twice now, they have verified that I was the account owner but apparently cannot give me the PUK number for my sim card on a closed account. Maybe they just wont, do you think I have to ask to speak to a supervisor?


I really need to get the data off the sim card such as text messages, contact list, photo's, etc. Do you know if this data just saves to the phone and if I put in a new sim card would it still be there or is it saved to the sim card?  The phone is a Samsung a256 Hype.

I have looked up and down for a way around this and I dont want to spend a ton of money sending the phone away to hopefully get the data off of it. I know I can access it with the PUK but I can't get it.   Please Rogers support help me!!!!!

Should I get a duly notarized Affidavit of Loss written and signed and send it to you? How do you handle this?

I really need the data in my phone and I know it's in there and just cant get it.

Please any advice is appreciated




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Re: I need help with my PUK code!

Resident Expert

the problem is that if the account closed, and the sim was deactivated, they can not pull up the puk code.  your better off trying to power it on with no sim, or find a deactivated sim and pop it in the phone and see if you can access your saved content ie photo, message, address book, etc.


btw, didn't someone answer this same very question on another message board called howard foruns for you?

Re: I need help with my PUK code!

I've Been Around

If your puk code is locked and you dont know what it is, what do you do?

Re: I need help with my PUK code!

Resident Expert

you call rogers and id yourself, then they give you the puk code

Re: I need help with my PUK code!

But which # do you call them at? I couldn't get an office when I tried 😕