I hate Rogers and never use them anymore

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Re: I hate Rogers and never use them anymore

Hello Micolas

" I can guarentee that Rogers would not have left your account active on purpose. This would in general appear as a bad practice and cause more customer dis-satisfaction and revenue loss than there ever would be to gain."

You can not guarantee that. Believe me you can not as many Rogers reps will tell something to the customer & then do something else. How do i know?I have caught over 100+ reps lie to me & my family & friends & do something else they tell us. We have our ways of finding out anyways. Many companies do this on purpose or been told too or reps simply do it to keep you. This way they know Rogers still has 1 customer ( one rep told me this & i made sure a Manager heard that).

That i agree with. It all depends on the conversation the customer & the rep had but its always like i, you & Gdkitty said to make sure the rep writes this on a note on the account & ask for the interaction number. KI always call back right after or a few hours after to make sure that what i was told, is on the note. That is always the best option to do.

This as a customer of Rogers can very much be frustrating & causes the customer to get upset as their bill is over at the credit company now. you can not tell a customer to calm down about the issue as their credit is kinda ruined right now. When the account goes to the Rogers credit department & u owe money & do not make attempts to pay it & they pass it to the credit bureau , Rogers screws up your credit & then ontop the Credit Bureau does as well. Again i have seen this with my families acconts & friends accounts to know how it all works out.You need to also understand when a customer is being told one thing & then a few months later gets a call & or mail from the credit bureau saying " You owe this much as you never paid Rogers" The customer has ever right to get upset & contact Rogers & get more upset.


Although i do agree to make sure you do not get upset to the point it may harm your heath ( Stress & such). At this point the customer can not even contact Rogers to fix this as the account & owing balance is with the credit bureau. Rogers will just tell them to contact the credit bureau. Also at this point, if the customer wants to sign up with Rogers again, it will show this on the credit view Rogers does & will want the customer to put down a deposit to open any Rogers service. This will also be a problem with a credit card / loan application & such as they will see the customer owed Rogers money & never paid & the account / payment was taken over by the Credit Bureau.

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Re: I hate Rogers and never use them anymore

Hello Meowmix


  The reasoning behind my wording, is that it would not be economical to do that since it would cause more loss than benefit and as such a large company, they would be able to see that just like I do.


  Honestly, this is not even a question for assistance but more of a expression of one's frustration. The only option is to discuss it further with Rogers and to see what can be and will be done about this issue.


Edit: Removed personal opinion

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Re: I hate Rogers and never use them anymore

Hello Micolas



I see where you are coming from and all.  That is true but again if we search online, i have seen thousands have issue like this and a few posted issues exactly like this month's and even a few weeks ago when another user reported the same. It seems either reps aren't doing their proper work and managers aren't really paying attention or this os how they aRe trained. Doesn't make sense when so many people are having the same exact issue. 

Either way the OP needs to contact the credit bureau and just pay it and explain the situation. Maybe if the Op contacts the Office of the President or Rogers management they can review the phone calls and see what's going on but the damage has been already done on the OPs credit. That's something that can not just be erased and fixed even if Rogers and the Op fix the issue.


Let's not get carried away here and let's let the OP do what they think is best 🙂  we all have / said are our opinions on this matter,  so now let's let the OP decide what root and action they take! 



I hope all this gets resolved in any way possible! 

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Re: I hate Rogers and never use them anymore

Rogers are the biggest criminals on the planet. They gauge customers for unsuspecting money while at the same time leading them on to believe that no cancellation fees will be charged (not to mention the overpriced services they offer to begin with). They then send you bills in the mail with cancellation fees and demand they are paid. I am so HAPPY that im am done with my cable and internet service at the end of October and cannot wait to move my cellular services as well. Never dealt with a company so backwards and crooked with people telling you different stories over the phone. Severely dissappointed in Rogers and look forward to parting ways as the customer service is above and beyond pathetic. 

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Re: I hate Rogers and never use them anymore

Any straight up plan (at list price) for the services, no should not have any cancelation fees.  (just have to pay whatever is remaining for that period used).


The only time that there would be potential cancelation fees, would be if you are on any sort of contract.

Cellular, any hardware discount contract.

For other services (tv, internet) if you are in a term bundle (30% off for 2  years for example), they are a contract and then has cancelation fees as well.

These terms, i agree, are not usually always discussed/said by the reps signing people up.  This is wrong, and it something that they need to really start doing.. a disclaimer, making people aware.

But it IS laid out in the contract paperwork terms.   Big problem is, that MOST people do not read these documents.
While its about the most borring thing you can read.. to avoid any possible issues in the future, its something everyone should read.   Legaly it allows the carrier to do whatever is laid out in it.   You dont agree? Dont sign up.

When signing up for these things... always make sure to ASK for your copy of the terms.  It can be (and should be) done.  I get the rep to email it to me, before I 100% agree to anything.  Then i can ask any questions about what is pertained in it.

(I had my brother in law question Bell when he signed up for a term thing with them.  Their contract at the time, actually said, that any discounts could be removed at any time, and the contract still stay in place... so you could sign up, loose the discount after one day, and still be stuck in the contract)


Just be aware, these types of practices are fairly common.
Bell and the other major competitors, make sure you ASK the questions yourself.  They are not going to be forthcoming with the information.
But I 100% guarantee you, with any term deal with them (or other companies) the same sorts of things do apply.

Its boring, it takes forver, but read EVERYTHING.  Every little line, every leagal bit, etc.
That way you cant get stuck in anything you dont like.
Be a smart consumer 🙂