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Hybrid Fiber 250... so much lag

I Plan to Stick Around

So when i first got the Hybrid Fiber 250 like 2 weeks ago everything was fine now every webpage loads slow.   In ventrillo my ping spikes to 300-7000 randomly and i get lots of diconnects(i see clones of my self in vent)   Before i was on the old ultimate package this never happend. Does anyone know whats going on?    I have not made any changes in the past 2 weeks and i dont even use any wifi.  My connection is wired but its so bad.  I cant even finish a speed test/rogers speed test.


My speed test shows  5 ping / 58mbs( . .. 1 week ago it was like 322... not even half of 250 tottally messed up) upload didn't even show and eventually just gets stuck and nothing happens(waited like half an hour once)


rogers speed speed shows 318 mbs(sure doesn't feel like it)  and the upload speed slowly goes down by 0.01 each second and eventually times out there too so i dont even know.   I'm using the new rogers CGN3.   

anything i can do to fix this?



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Re: Hybrid Fiber 250... so much lag

@daviddu wrote:

Yup it's my network card. I just did a test on my cousin's laptop wired got the 60/10 also on the wireless 5G was 60/10. So since I don't have a slot open for network card and don't want to buy a new mobo, I think a wireless usb adapter should work for me.

If you are NOT using the PCI-1x slot (the tiny little slot), you CAN add a network card.

Overall, i am not a fan of the USB wireless cards, just due to that the USB may always be a bottleneck, depending on the USB port, what other devices are using the USB BUS, etc..


Re: Hybrid Fiber 250... so much lag

@croquette wrote:

Just upgraded to Rogers Fiber Hybrid 250. However, the download speed is just 20-30Mbps compared to the advertised 250Mbps, though I am satisfied with the upload speed.


So I contacted the customer service, who, in the end failed to solve the problem and suggested checking the network card or exchanging the modem (CGN3). 


I am using the PC with onboard Realtek GBE PciE whose connection went only up to 100Mbps possibly due to the 100/10 switch we have downstairs. But the question is, why it just went 30Mbps and failed to at least reach 80-90Mbps like the previous package we have (Rogers Ultimate Hi-Speed Unlimited). (CGN3 modem, Hybrid Fiber 250) (the highest Rogers Ultimate performs on the same hardware.)


Even when i grabbed one of friend's notebook who has a Gigabit ethernet port, the direct-to-modem connection shows 1.0Gbps but the internet download speed is still horrible. 


Is it the problem with the modem itself?

How long ago did you receive the modem?
There are some issues with earlier firmware, and can take 3+ days for it to get the latest firmware pushed.  That MIGHT solve some.


The other part.. MIGHT be with that switch, even if its the latest firmware..
The unit has some issues linking properly with some 10/100 devices.. so it could be choking out at that point and effecting the speed
Latest firmware, with a gigabit connection to it, should be fine.

Re: Hybrid Fiber 250... so much lag

I Plan to Stick Around

Just this morning. The modem itself has listed its SW ver as, i guess that's the latest one.

As previously stated, I tried connecting the modem directly to a notebook with gigabit connection and still getting horrible speed.

Re: Hybrid Fiber 250... so much lag



I also have the Realtek GBE Family Controller on my mother board on a new PC. It's a 10/100/1000 and does up to 1Ghz full duplex. Check Datalink's post on the previous page explaining how you can find your speed setting.

Re: Hybrid Fiber 250... so much lag

I Plan to Stick Around
That solution you mentioned, was actually done by the technician when i asked for technical support. Yes, the 1.0Gbps option was there, selected, and didn't have any effect