Huge Battery Drain after JellyBean update on S3

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Huge Battery Drain after JellyBean update on S3

Strange, I had a battery issue and a wifi problem when i got my S3. But when I did the upgrade, well battery is still an issue but wifi is perfect.


My battery drains 15% each night if i leave it out not charged. Which i find weird because there are no apps running in the background?


Can someone care to give a good explanation about that?

I've Been Around
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Huge drain on battery on s3

I have read alot about JB upgrade or SD card causing a huge drain on battery, I even deleted by GO Launcher EX as some forums said it can be the root cause of it. 


I am a moderate/heavy s3 user- facebook, gmail and work email, mp3 and online movie apps.


Anyone has any suggestion or solution?  I want to leave factory reset to as my last resort.