Hub and printer with same IP - how to change?

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Hub and printer with same IP - how to change?

We have the Net comm hub and an HP Officejet J5700 series all in one printer.   I have the printer connected by USB to the Hub so  it can be used by all.  But it stops working intermittantly - Rogers says because it has the same IP address.

From the not so helpful HP web site, I don't seem to be able to change the IP address of the printer, so I'm wondering if I can change the IP address of the Hub.  Does anyone know?





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Re: Hub and printer with same IP - how to change?



the IP address of the RocketHub can be changed on the LAN settings page of the web management interface.  This is documented on page 34 of the Rogers Rockethub Users Guide.  The RocketHub default IP address is, but you can change it to something else here.  You could, for example, change the RocketHub IP address to


There is, however, a domino effect that sets in.  For some reason the Netcomm dhcp address range begins at, so on the same page of the management web interface you will need to change the lower address for the dhcp range to, let's say, to prevent conflicts.


Once you have done that, make sure you power down all PC's MAC's, game boxes, or whatever you have the connects to the RocketHub for their Internet access.  This is needed to ensure that they all get a new IP address through dhcp from the revised dhcp address range.  Once you have done all that, hopefully all will be well.


If not, let us know how it works out, and we will attempt to resolve the further problems.