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How to tweak internet settings with Hitron CGN2-ROG ?

I Plan to Stick Around

I just got one of those new Hitron modem/routers, along with boosting my internet package to Ultimate (150 Mbps max).


I have two hard wired computers and two wireless computers connected to it. Now I know the 150 Mbps is a theoretical max claimed by Rogers, but I am not getting what I believe to be acceptable throughput. When using Rogers speedcheck utility, I never see my speeds on the hard wired computers go higher than 120 - it varies from time to time (even within minutes of running the test), but on average it is usually around 100 or slightly less. (the hardwired systems are an old XP, and a newer Windows 7 3.0-Ghz Core2Duo - and I know I can expect slightly slower throughput on the older XP, but this should not be the case with the newer system).


For the wireless, I have a 2007-vintage 24-inch iMac, and an ASUS G53SW i7 notebook with quad-core processor. It is this ASUS that I use the most, and this is the unit I find slowest with the new Hitron - despite the fact that it is the fastest computer I own.  On this ASUS, using wireless, the speeds vary from 8 to 30 Mbps; if I connect an ethernet cable to it and use that instead of wireless, the speed climbs to 80 to 90 Mbps. The iMac is also slow on wireless, but usually higher than the ASUS.


So, my question:  Is there anything I can tweak either on the Hitron or my ASUS, that will help improve the wireless speed?


I know Rogers says they cannot guarantee wireless speeds, but in my case I am note going through steel or concrete walls.. the notebook is in the same room as the Hitron, probably 8 feet away from it, with nothing the obstruct the transmissions - so, I feel I should get higher speeds than I am currently getting.



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Re: How to tweak internet settings with Hitron CGN2-ROG ?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

As for your general overall speeds, just curious where you are located physicaly.. MORE than likely the not reaching the closer to top speed may be to overselling in the area (depending on where you are).


As for the wireless.  Really.. there is not much you can do.  While some have reported marginaly better performance on the wireless with the hitron over the others.. the wireless in general on ALL the gateways.. is VERY POOR.


If you do have an 3rd party router from before, what most of us recomend here, it to change the gateway into bridged mode, and turn it into a modem, and use your own router.  You tend to get MUCH better wireless range, speed, etc with this method.
It shouldnt be NECESSARY, whats the point of having the router features in the gateway, if not to use them.. but it does seem to work for most users.

Re: How to tweak internet settings with Hitron CGN2-ROG ?

I Plan to Stick Around

Ok, thanks for the reply.


Can you point me to a link that details specifically how to set up the Hitron "to change the gateway into bridged mode, and turn it into a modem, and use your own router."?


Currently, I am using all the 4 ports on the Hitron, one of which feeds a Netgear router for my Rogers Home Security system:  would I need to change anything with the hard wired ports if I set up bridged mode? (pardon me, but bridged mode is totally new to me - if you have a link to some info on this, I would appreciate it.. thanks)


Is there any particular router you would recommend for this bridged mode setup?


Re: How to tweak internet settings with Hitron CGN2-ROG ?

Lets take a step back first then.

I beleive you may have your configuration, much similar to mine.

Right now, you have the hitron in its gateway mode.  It is the one that does all router, DHCP is running, etc.

out of one of the lan ports, you have your Netgear router connected for wireless.   Your rogers security system is connected to this one wirelessly. (i am assuming you have DHCP turned off on the netgear).


Now.. are your wireless devices, connecting to the SSID of the HITRON or the NETGEAR.


IF they are wirelessly connecting to the hitron, a simple connect them wirelessly to the netgear, may solve most of your issues.
it is the SAME set up i use, but mind you, i have the SMC and an linksys router.  no need to go into bridged mode.  I am able to pull my advertised speeds fine (but mind you, i am only on express, not the 150 service... there may be a peak point where the wireless tops out in being able to pull sort of thing.

Let me know, and we'll go from there, before going into the whole bridged mode.  with the above, and maybe just a few tweeks (changing the SSID channels away from each other to lessen interfearance, etc) may help as well.

Re: How to tweak internet settings with Hitron CGN2-ROG ?

I Plan to Stick Around

Well, I am not sure about the Netgear router.. it is a model WNR1000, and according to what I can find on the net, the default setup IP address is - yet when I try to access this device, I cannot.


My setup:

The Hitron has the input coax cable from rogers.

Port 1 has my XP computer

Port 2 has my Win7 computer

Porr 3 connects to the Netgear router, used for Rogers Home Security

Port 4 connects to a Dell laser printer.


The Netgear router is wirelessly connected to the Home Security system

Port 1 is temporarily connected to my ASUS Win7 computer

Port 2 is connected to a MyBook Live network mass storage device

Ports 3 and 4 are empty.


Normally my ASUS is connected wirelessly to the Hitron; I have temporarily hard connected it to the Netgear for testing purposes. My speed in this mode is mostly in the 95 Gbps (when connected wirelessly to the Hitron, I am getting about 30 to 40 Mpbs - and the test setup is with the ASUS in the same room as the Hitron, about 8 feet away)


I have no idea how to access the Netgear to set up security, etc. since the default IP address does not work for me. I suspect Rogers may have set this unit up specifically for the Home Security, and may have blocked my access to it.



Ok, I found out how to login.. it is:

However, I cannot login with the default ID and Password.. I called Rogers to get the login info, and they told me I can't.. the unit is locked down because it is dedicated to the home security system. I can use the hard wired ports, but not wireless. 😞


Re: How to tweak internet settings with Hitron CGN2-ROG ?

o.O that sounds really wierd..
So when rogers came and installed the stuff.. they installed the hitron.. AND a netgear?  The netgear is NOT  your own hardware?


Never seen that before.

Check a device that is connected wirelessly to the hitron, what does its gateway say?
probably the same

Likely why you cant access the interface for the netgear, it is the same address as the gateway. (many people do this in a dual wireless setup by accident).

This is at least my guess.


IF it is their hardware.. and set up that way.. the only real way would be adding a 3rd wireless... but you are adding ALOT more interfearance then.