How to split cable for addtional service

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How to split cable for addtional service

Hello all,


Can't seem to locate answer to this question in the forum.   Here goes;


Have Internet and Home Phone with Rogers.  Added TV recently.  Since all was already wired, I advised Rogers I did not need tech to come out and install.   I went to hook up the TV to the splitter and realized that it was a 2 way and not 3 way.  both ports occupied (one for phone and the ohter for internet).


Question is what can I do now to get the TV hooked up?  Can I purchace a 3 way and just hook up the TV cable or does this require a tech to come out to do the hookup.


The splitter that is installed (by rogers) is a regal 2 way 5-1000Mhz.  I have other splitters but are not the same and don't think I should use them.


Any suggestions?




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Re: How to split cable for addtional service

If you have a second splitter that runs 5 Mhz to 1000 Mhz, you can connect that to one of the output ports of the two way splitter.  That second splitter should then run both the Cable TV and Home Phone  cables.  The original port that was running the internet cable should be left in that configuration. 


The Antronix three port splitter that Rogers uses will give you the same final outputs, -3.5 dB for the Internet cable, and two -7 dB ports, one for the Cable TV and one for the Home Phone.


I would say that you should be able to do this your self, however, as a check, can you log into your modem, navigate to the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN page, copy the downstream and upstream tables and paste them into this thread just to check the current signal levels.  If they are ok, then you shouldn't have any issues installing another splitter.  This is normally what the tech would check for.

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Re: How to split cable for addtional service

@frequentflyer even if you have another 2-way splitter, you'll still have to connect it to the first one with a short piece of cable. It's simpler to just replace it with the proper 3-way splitter and connect it like Datalink says. Just make sure it's for digital cable (not satellite) and the outputs are marked with db ratings. Bur, frankly, Rogers will install the proper one and it should not cost you anything.

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