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How to register owner modem and where? (CISCO LINKSYS DPC 3008)

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi everybody,

I am new in cable internet technology. By the first introduction to internet over cable, I understood I should bind cable modem's to ROGERS.  I have cable modem CISCO LINKSYS DPC 3008. It uses standard DOCSIS 3.0, which ROGERS is using right now for high speed internet.

Does anybody know any technician who can register my modem in ROGERS system? Or any ROGERS shop where I can do it?

I received rental gateway CISCO LINKSYS DPC 3825 from ROGERS. I really don't like it. I would like to return rental hardware to ROGERS back and use my own one.




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Re: How to register owner modem and where? (CISCO LINKSYS DPC 3008)

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

This is the age old argment which is on here often.

Off the top of my head.. i am going to say NO..  rogers is really only allowing registration of the Cisco and SMC D3 gateways.


Many people have been arguing for them to supply a standard stand alond D3 modem.


You can try calling.. from all my recolection, no one has been able to get one assigned.. i only remember one person getting a non rogers one assinged, but i think it wasnt a D3 modem, it was an earlier one... but you can try.


Good Luck!

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