How to find cable signal strength reading

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Re: How to find cable signal strength reading

@Gdkitty wrote:

A ) the channel saturation, as the others have expected above.  Which is even quite possible with the 8 channel modems now, with people getting faster and faster packages.. (how the heck did we... and some people DO still! live with the D2 single channel modems?)


But the people with the 'faster and faster packages' are primarily running 24-channel CGN3s... so hopefully that should help with the congestion. (Of course, now that the 60 megabit package is available on with 8-channel modems, that may no longer be true)


(One thing I would love to know: if there are 20 channels on a node, how do 8-channel modems decide which 8 to use? does the CMTS do something smart? are some modems manually attached to some channels and others to others? or do all 8-channel modems share the same 8 channels?)

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Re: How to find cable signal strength reading

Thats what i was meaning.. that with more people with more usage..
I would think that they may possibly use MORE than one channel?

Like you said.. which 8? could they be one ones that the larger packages are still using, etc?

All and all, moving to a 24 channel is better overall.. and more necessary.

One of the other major cariers, is DROPING their 150+ tier.. due to them not implementing the 24 channels.. and suffereing major congestion with only 8s

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Re: How to find cable signal strength reading

Thanks for everyone's help. I think I'll keep the Cisco for now. I feel like if it ain't broke don't fix it but if I start running into issues, I'll make the swap.