How to control one device not the other

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Re: How to control one device not the other

@Pauly wrote:
Here is my answer to the OP's question.

You CAN get away with having only ONE BOX that will allow both TV Watching, and Recording programs to your DVR, BUT if you hook it up this way, and you decide to record a show, you will have to leave the box on that channel and watch what you are recording, basically the tuner is giving the signal to both your TV set and DVR recorder, so if u change channels, it will record the channel changes, yes I know its a flaw in this approach but thats why I suggested it incase you want to try.

If you want to record one channel and watch another, you might be better off purchasing a new/used HDPVR or renting one from Rogers. It is very flexible, but the recordings are not permanent, and still would need to be archived to a DVD or some other source (providing the copyright flag allows you)

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