How to configure Sympatico email on Galaxy 2 LTE?

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How to configure Sympatico email on Galaxy 2 LTE?

All was working fine (using and until late last year, when one day I could no longer send email. I searched high and low, some people suggesting to use hotmail servers, others different 1xbell servers but nothing works. I can configure the incoming server OK, and I do get incoming email. However when I configure the outgoing server, using TLS or SSL, I get "account or password invalid" all the time.


Any have a fix for this one?


Thanks for your help!



PS I recently upgraded to Jelly Bean (a really bad move!), but I had the same problem previously on ICS.


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Re: How to configure Sympatico email on Galaxy 2 LTE?

Is any member of the community able to assist legentleman with their Sympatico email configuration?



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Re: How to configure Sympatico email on Galaxy 2 LTE?

I used to run into similar to this, while i was away in school many years ago.

INCOMMING mail servers, you often can conect to from ANYWHERE... regardless on what internet, etc provider you are on.
OUTGOING is sometimes a different matter.  Many places will often have restrictions on HOW their out going mail servers can be accessed.. (to help prevent them from being used for spamming by a 3rd party which got the login info, etc, but are on another provider)


When i was in school.. was on sympatico internet... but had a ROGERS email. 


Use the outgoing mail server, of whoever your internet provider is.


So i would give that a try.  Enter in the outgoing rogers mail server (, if i am correct), and use a rogers email addres to authenticate and send.

Bar you not having a rogers email, etc... the next best bet.. i THINK.. would be to try a imap connection to the sympatico, rather than pop..i THINK that might allow it, as you use the same server for both incomming/outgoing.

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Re: How to configure Sympatico email on Galaxy 2 LTE?

Hi there,

I just experienced the same issue with my LG G2, it would not add or sync my email. but it would work for others.

I figured it out on my own & it works!!  Hopefully this works for you too.

What I did was login to my sympatico email, Top right, clicked the option wheel, then clicked 'more mail settings'. Under the 'Managing your account' click 'Connect devices and apps with POP'. Click 'Enable'.  (Use EAS to sync to your email from your Windows Phone 8, Outlook 2013 desktop app, iPhone, or Android device. With EAS you can get your email immediately, as well as see all your folders, calendar and contacts in one place.)


Best of luck!