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How much are you willing to spend on Windows 10 Flagship ?

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There has been a price leak from Spain revealing that the Lumia 950 will be $738 USD and the 950XL will be $838 USD (If I remember the article correctly) Keep in mind these are completely speculative, and coming from a European model. But what if the Lumia 950 will cost you $983 CAD before taxes unlocked? What if the 950XL is close to $1200? That is a lot of money for a device. Not only that, but that amount puts the Lumia 950 as being more expensive than the iPhone 6S 16GB model but cheaper than the iPhone 6S 64GB model. So in between. So how many windows phone users and non users would spend that much for a unlocked Windows 10 Flagship? Anyone have any idea based on those numbers how much carriers would offer that device on a 2 year contract? I got my Lumia 920 from Rogers for $50, albeit it was December 2012 haha! 😄






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Re: How much are you willing to spend on Windows 10 Flagship ?

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Community Manager (Retired)

Those are interesting price points for unlocked devices.  A little higher than that 830 version, but that's expected.


Still can't wait to get my hands on one though Smiley Happy




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