How does Rogers know what kind phone I am using??

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How does Rogers know what kind phone I am using??

I was wondering about this for long.


I was using unlocked iPhone 4S bought from Apple Store Online.

and about few weeks after, on my Rogers account, it shows what kind of phone I am using.

As well as my family's phone(their phones are bought from Rogers and Rogers locked so that I could understand)


But recently I changed my phone to SGS3

This phone was from Rogers, it was locked to Rogers before

But my friend unlocked it through imei unlocking process and I bought it from my friend after.


I've been using this phone for a month and on my Rogers account it still says I am using iPhone 4s.



I don't know how did they did it and why they are not doing it this time...??;;


Is there anyone wondering about same thing?



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Re: How does Rogers know what kind phone I am using??

Hello kimyr0501,


It may have updated the device in use based on the IMEI that was being read from the network.  The reason it has not done it this time as it should only change when you get an upgrade through Rogers.


Hope that helps,