How do i do the rebate coupon online

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Re: How do i do the rebate coupon online

thanks budy for your responses

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Re: How do i do the rebate coupon online

Hello drusor

You are welcome!
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Re: How do I do the rebate coupon online



   There seems to be some mis-communication in regards to the rebate timeline as well as what used to be an ongoing issue at the time.


Unfortunately whall1, the time frame to redeem your online $50 rebate is only 60 days and not 90. This is why certain transactions such as a telephone number change and/or Transfer of Responsibility is not permitted within 60 days of a hardware upgrade since this would interfere with redeeming the rebate. To the discretion of the agent, will a $50 manual adjustment be applied to the account past the 60 days, but most will see that it was not applied and can not be done through self serve after this time frame and will correct it manually in this manner.


The last month or so, some may have encountered an issue redeeming the rebate due to the link not actually appearing in their Rogers website online profile. This was due to Rogers eventually phasing out the rebate option. If you had processed a hardware upgrade prior to February 19 2014, contact Rogers and they will create a case to the back office team and have the rebate applied manually, but please check for the link first. As for post February 19, the $50 rebate self serve was removed and instead the pricing of the phones overall was reduced by $50 as it was automatically included into the device subsidy when you chose to go on to a contract. 


This was done to simplify the process, since it can be difficult to locate for certain individuals, and frustrating if not applied properly, or was missed and the customer had missed out on the rebate all together.


Hope this helps. 🙂


Edit: Forgot Iphone exception (and typo correction)


If your hardware upgrade was done at a Apple store, the rebate is suppose to be applied automatically to begin with. This only applies to in store upgrades through.

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Re: How do I do the rebate coupon online

Hello Micolas



That is correct.  It's better now that they got rid of the $50 mail in rebate as it did cause a lot of problems / customers complaining.  Seeing as this no longer is available,  i would like for the thread to be closed.