How do I connect a Magic Jack to a cell phone

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How do I connect a Magic Jack to a cell phone

Since it appears I can't get a data plan only for my cell phone without a voice plan, I would be willing to buy an iPad and purchase a data plan.  What does this cost from Rogers?

Next, I want to connect a Magic Jack to my iPad to receive free long distance and local in Canada and in the US.

This would only work if I stay in Canada and can connect to Rogers.    I suppose I would have to use headphones and that Magic Jack have a software progam  for an iPad.

Next, I want to purchase an app from Magic Jack thru iTunes to connect my cell phone to the Magic Jack on my iPad.

This costs about $15.00 per year.    What do I have to do to configure my cell to do this?

I have iPhone 4 that I assume is locked to Rogers.    Presently, I have no voice plan on it, but it was last used with Rogers.


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Re: How do I connect a Magic Jack to a cell phone



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You can definitely get an iPad and set up it up with a data plan. Check out for your options for iPads.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Magic Jack, but can provide you details on Rogers One Number.

Rogers One Number would allow you to use your computer, tablet or smartphone to make and receive phone calls, send text, picture and video messages and video chat from your wireless number over a LAN, Wi-Fi or Wireless Internet connection. 

Click here to view more details and register for Rogers One Number.


Let us know if you have any questions!