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How do I change the DNS server on the SMC SMCD3GN router/modem?

I've Been Around

How do I change the DNS server on the SMC SMCD3GN router/modem?  I get alot faster internet response from a DNS server from openDNS.



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Re: How do I change the DNS server on the SMC SMCD3GN router/modem?

I Plan to Stick Around

Well, here's another Rogers experience with this damnable gateway.


Sunday afternoon, Rogers issued a new lease to my modem and messed up all my wireless clients - again!


I spent hours trying to track down this issue, which has caused hours of slow-to-no internet for all my wireless devices. Desktops dropped to 1 Mbps (max!) downstream and about 200kbps (max!) upstream, with wild variance in ping times from 4 msec (min!) to 13000 msec (max) to "dropped". iOS devices, like iPhone and iPod Touch become completely useless - unable to even ping the router!


Having been through this several times now, I know it has something to do with the wireless DHCP service and its associated DNS. When we first got this modem, the DNS was set to the default proxy address, i.e., and things worked okay for a while until one of Rogers DHCP refreshes - which include downloading a config file to your modem via tftp - messed that all up for my wireless devices. Several days of frustration and we got back on track by manually setting the DNS to the actual DNS proxy address -, with Google's as a secondary. Everything returned to normal - Yay!


A few weeks later, another gift from Rogers, and kowabunga - all my wireless devices go Forrest Gump on me, again. Several hours of trial-and-error and voila, returning to the previous setting - i.e. un-setting the manual DNS and reverting to the proxy, BOOM, speed returns.


Sunday, two days ago, we get the rinse-and-repeat lease again - speed all gone again on wireless devices. Many hours of switching DNS servers, pinging and traceroute-ing revealed one small change. The domain name given for the DNS search domain WAS "" with the proxy address, however, the actual domain name should be "". One small change on the WAN and LAN page and BINGO - speed in abundance, once again.


Rogers. Are you listening? What is going on here? I have left several lengthy missives on my misgivings and so far not one word from your so-called support people here. And, I'm far from alone - dozens of people have left dozens of unanswered questions on these units, and no answers are forthcoming.


This is the last time I'm going to ask these questions - what is the purpose of this board? What is Rogers policy on non-performance? because by any contract law I am aware of, my internet service contract is broken. Do we get our money back? Is a solution being prepared? This is not my area of expertise, but I have legal friends who will help me with these questions if you won't - my only recourse at this point. Maybe you should ask somebody in Legal about this situation - you are opening yourselves to all kinds of possible litigation and bad press. Care to comment, finally?


Frustrated, in a very real and legally-binding way,



Re: How do I change the DNS server on the SMC SMCD3GN router/modem?

I've Been Here Awhile



I am there with all you stated frustrations. I finally am getting somewhere by reading your posts, so I would like to thank you. I have been in the blogs and have read this posting in quite a bit of detail. I am not the most technically savvy person, but I have grown frustrated with Rogers. I am on my 4th modem and have swapped back and forth from the G to the N back to the G and now back to the N.


While I don't completely understand some of the lingo and terms that you and some of the other users uses. I have found your postings helpful. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the Port Forwarding settings you used to alleviate the troubles with your gaming systems?


Also do you have any answers why I lose the ability to connect my MAC with ease, it keeps saying my device is assigning the ip address.



Re: How do I change the DNS server on the SMC SMCD3GN router/modem?

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks to your post, I have made those changes, pluse a few more of my own.


I went from the modem dropping wireless every 3 to 4 minutes and recycling itself to having a stable connection with no reset whatsoeve for about 13 or 14 hours now.


I'm not sure if what I did contravenes any of Rogers policies, but I went in and changed ALL passwords for access to the modem and disabled all remote management options as well as the changes you have suggested and voila, everything is now working!!


I would most definitely like some answers to your questions as well as a few of my own.  If we could end traffic shaping that would be a move in the right direction as well.  I mean, who do they think they are fooling.

A company that garners hundreds of millions of dollars off of us a quarter can more than afford to establish, maintain and upgrade a network capable of ACTUALLY delivering the service they offer.


I won't go into it any more than that, but it needs to, at the very least, change so that they are not doing it to such an extreme where I'm only receiving 1% of the bandwidth capability that I am paying for.

Re: How do I change the DNS server on the SMC SMCD3GN router/modem?

I've Been Around

I am not much of  a tech geek however trying to change the DNS to allow access to Kindle Fire content from Amazon.  I have purchased a usd visa gift card with us address and that does nothing, still cannot even access the free apps.  Also purchased a vpn, does not work and now trying by chnaging the DNS which also seems from all the comments is also a challenge.  typed in number to access router which was provided by shop  I need a username and password? have no idea how toget that.  Any assistance is appreciated


Re: How do I change the DNS server on the SMC SMCD3GN router/modem?

My understanding.. unless it was changed since it was released.. is that the kindle fire, wont work in canada. (I guess, checks the IP of where you are comming from when trying to get content).


That is likely why you are trying that VPN, make it look like you are comming from elsewhere.  That might work, but as for HOW to set it up, cant help you.

Changing the DNS on the fire, while might help with DNS issues like when there was the outage, would not help with your issue, changing the DNS will not make it seem like you are comming from another location, etc.