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How do I block SMS messages?

I Plan to Stick Around

I have a Rogers Pay-As-You-Go account.  I had called Rogers a long time ago ( 2 years +) to block SMS calls and block the internet (there's a button on the phone that easily gets hit by accident and tries to access the internet).  Among other things, it states the following on my account: "Block SMS MT function".  However, I just checked my account and have noticed several incoming SMS charges at $0.20 each.  And no, I did not subscribe to anything.  In fact, I never text, email or use the internet on my phone.


So how do I block these messages and avoid the charges?  I was under the impression that Rogers had already blocked these messages due to my earlier request.



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Re: How do I block SMS messages?

I Plan to Stick Around

Have you tried calling a rep from Rogers to confirm that this is on the phone?


You may need to speak with them to have the block removed and then re added.. also, if you don't open the text messages, you should not incur any charges for them!


Hope this helps!

Re: How do I block SMS messages?

I've Been Around

I have the same issue.  I called Rogers and was told that I had received the messages on my phone - I did not - thus the charge.

I think this is another money grab by Rogers.

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