How To's: Private Messages

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How To's: Private Messages

Do you have something to share with another member that can't or shouldn't be posted publicly? Send a Private Message!


You must be signed in to view, compose or reply to any Private Messages in your Inbox. Once signed in, look for the grey envelope in the top right hand corner on any page.








If there are any unread messages; the number of messages will appear beside the envelope to let you know.


To Compose a Private Message:

- Sign in and click the Private Message icon.

- From here you can see your Inbox, Sent Messages, Friends, Ignored Users and Compose Message.

- Click Compose Message.






- Enter the Username of the person you would like to message in the "Send To" section.

- Enter the subject of the message in the "Message Subject" section.

- Enter your message in either Rich Text or HTML format in the "Message Body".

- Click "Send Message" when finished.






You have now sent a PM!



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Re: How To's: Private Messages

Out of date. Newer blog post with instructions available. Archiving to avoid confusion.