How-To: Do 3 Very Cool Tricks with Windows Phone 8.1

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How-To: Do 3 Very Cool Tricks with Windows Phone 8.1



Cool Trick #1: Master the Word Flow Keyboard


Ridiculously fast and personal, the new Word Flow on Windows Phone devices was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fastest smartphone keyboard. Word Flow can predict, suggest and correct words as you type, along with its new features, such as shape writing and glide support (run fingers between letters instead of lifting up).


Here’s how to start with Word Flow:


  1. To launch your Windows Phone keyboard, simply tap an email, text message, browser window or any app that allows you to input words.
  2. It’s a context-sensitive keyboard, too, therefore you’ll see handy buttons relevant to the app you’re in – such as emoticons while texting, and keys with “.com” and “@” when typing an email.
  3. If you’re all thumbs, Word Flow will make corrections based on what you intended to type. For example: “heybthere” will be changed to “hey there.” Or, in other cases, you can tap on a misspelled word to see suggested corrections.
  4. Word Flow can even predict its way through an entire sentence. Try sending an email that starts with “Lets” and see the suggested words assemble the sentence “Let’s get together soon.”



Cool Trick #2: Access the Action Center


Windows Phone 8.1 introduces Action Center, which lets you see your most important notifications and settings instantly – and without having to unlock the phone.


How to use Action Center:


  1. Swipe down from any screen – including the lock screen — to access your Action Center. To avoid accidentally opening the Action Center in an app or a game, you’ll first see a convenient handle bar when you swipe; when you see it,  swipe down again for Action Center.
  2. Once you’re in the Action Center, you can tap one of the quick actions to toggle a setting you’ve chosen. You can select which toggles to place here inside the “notifications+actions” setting. There’s also a shortcut to take you to the full settings menu.
  3. Personalize the Action Center with customizable slots you can use to access your favourite settings and even some applications.
  4. In the Notifications area, select how you want to be alerted about notifications for individual apps and services.



Cool Trick #3: Kid’s Corner


Many parents allow their children to use their phones for games, photos, music and more – but what if your kid accidentally calls one of your colleagues while playing Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon? That’s where Kid’s Corner comes in.


Set up Kid’s Corner:


  1. Tap on the Kid’s Corner Tile on the Start screen, and then use the wizard to select the apps and content you want your child to be able to use.
  2. Once the setup is completed, your child will have full access to Kid’s Corner from his or her own lock screen, accessible by sliding left from your lock screen. Then slide it up to enter Kid’s Corner.
  3. Relax knowing that the Windows Phone Store (and in-game purchases) are blocked in Kid’s Corner, so you won’t see any unexpected charges on your accounts. Kid’s Corner also blocks Web browsing.


Tip: To personalize Kid’s Corner, your child can customize his or her wallpaper, accent and theme colours, and name that appears on the lock screen.