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Horrendous pings to "local server"

I'm a Trusted Enthusiast

 I frequently (according to VisualRoute) have latency in the 5000+ms range to the 10 and 24 local IP's servers on my NetComm 3G10WVR2 with a signal strength of -82dBm or so (apparently considered good). The problem seems to be erratic but it's still frustrating. This all seemed to have started after Rogers announced an "upgrade to improve service". I've had a ticket with them since Sept 2,2015 and so far , haven't heard anything other than the "thank you for your patience" messages.


I'm almost positive the problem is either at the tower or on the Rogers network.


I was advised to try a new SIM card. Before spending any $$'s on a anew SIM card , I thought I'd ask if that could actually make any difference under these circumstances.


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Re: Horrendous pings to "local server"



Hello, @BeerHunter125


Thank you for your post. What happens when VisualRoute reports that high latency, like your Internet, will slow down etc? I will invite @Geezer@ManicMechanic who uses other Rocket Hub product to provide their inputs on this issue. 


Thank you for your patience!


Re: Horrendous pings to "local server"

I'm a Trusted Enthusiast

During high pings there is a quit a slow the point where some web site (ie our bank , WCB , benefit company,all using secure sites) time out.


Oddly , even though speed test will show pings >1200 ms , the download speeds don't seem to be effected that much.


I've had this HUB since May 2011 but AFAIK , there really isn't anything that can wear out (other than possibly the SIM card..but researching that topic , that should only happen if the SIM card is removed/replaced a number of times and gets scratched).


I'm willing to try just about anything to help get this problem resolved. I've done all the standard things (factory reset , gone to 2G instead of 3G etc.) and sent traces through Facebook to a Rogers rep for the to look at.


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.






Re: Horrendous pings to "local server"

Hi BeerHunter125, I don't have any specific experience with the NetComm 3G10WVR2 been on the Ericsson and the ZTE devices.

I am confused though from your wording, is the slow pings between devices on the LAN or from the LAN to the outside, or from the outside into your LAN/DMZ?

Not sure if I can help but if I understand the situation, I may be able offer some ideas.

Re: Horrendous pings to "local server"

I'm a Trusted Enthusiast

My first 2 hops to 192.168.nn are 0 ms. OK

Next 4 hops to 10.118.2n.nn (Local Network IP's) are in the 3,200 ms range.

Next 5 hops to 24.156.nnn.nn (Local Network IP's) are in the 3,200 ms range.

When the system is running properly , these 9 hops return 60 -70ms.

These extremely abnormal latency issues of course make using the internet virtually impossible and quit often I rely on it for business purposes (banking , CRA submissions , WCB reports etc. etc.) so right now I'm getting extremely frustrated since this has been going on since Sept 2 (ticket C101890397). I was advised by a techie on Facebook that the local network is tower/equipment related connecting to the network that takes me to the internet....if I understood correctly.

Does this help?



I'd be willing to give a new HUB a try except for the mass confusion that's liable to occur if I end up returning it because it doesn't make any difference. 


Re: Horrendous pings to "local server"

Hi BeerHunter125,


That certainly sounds like a Rogers network issue and not your router.  The way that it is intermittent and involves the external IP's does sound like its the "link" to your equipment and not your equipment itself.


Couple of questions for you and sorry if you have covered these before:

1) If you power off your router and re-start it during one of these episodes, does the latency drop to normal after the re-start?


2) Have you checked the MTU setting is optimized? I'm wondering if your packets are getting badly fragmented or going into what's known as a "black hole" for some reason.  Here is an article on checking that: and here is an article on "black holes" in networks to give you some background on this:


Hope that helps maybe lead you to narrowing down the problem.




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