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Home phone: check line

I've Been Around

Hi all.


Our home phone had been acting up recently, with 'Line in use' occasionally blocking calls. This progressed to 'Check line' with no connection possible. We jacked in an old land line with no signal received. We just unplugged the base unit and re-plugged in, again with no effect.


Is there a service outage, or is this a local line problem?






Re: Home phone: check line

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

likely if its a service issue, its isolated to a local area, or just you.  mine has been working fine.


to unplug wont do much by default.. as it has a battery in it.  You would need to pop the battery out of it as well.

Re: Home phone: check line

I Plan to Stick Around

I've been having the "no line" signal since signing up with Rogers.  what else is new with them.  $40.00 bucks for a home phone is outlandish and expensive.  

Re: Home phone: check line

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
And I have never once had a outage of it in 6 years. (Well some crackling on the line when whole street had signal issues).

Any wired home line is about the same price (bell is only $2 cheaper across the different plans)
Only real cheaper versions tend to be things like magicjack and other VoIP style services.
These are much more decently priced often, for more features, but you do have to be a bit more cautious that its Internet dependent (so it's down if net is down), sometimes don't work properly with 911, and/or the 911 auto location services.
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