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Holiday Offer

I'm Here A Lot

Did anyone take advantage of this holiday offer?  What is a No Tab plan?


$20/month get unlimited Canada-wide minutes and text on a No Tab plan with a monthly bill, no term.



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Re: Holiday Offer

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @teresa1230

No tab plan means you are not locked into a contract and can cancel the service at any time without any fees ( other then your final bill).

It also means that any offer that will be offered which state " Share everything plan" means that you are not eligible for those offers unless you go on a contract.

You can contact Rogers via phone, Live chat or @CommunityHelps and get help from them any time!

Re: Holiday Offer

I'm an Advisor

Hello @teresa1230,

My uncle - previously a customer with Chatr - was extended this offer via a direct mailing from Rogers.  He was able to call in and take advantage of the offer, and is currently up & running on the new plan.


Be aware: 

- This plan does not have any data (there may be variations of the plan I am not aware of).


- This plan is not a "Share Everything" plan, and does not offer shared data with other family members on the same account.


- This plan is not eligible for "roam like home" - if you travel, you must arrange a voice roaming package with Rogers before you leave (or be subject to roaming, etc).



As @Meowmix stated: You can reach out via phone, live chat or to @CommunityHelps.  Please let us know if you take advantage of this offer, and if you run into any problems/issues.

Re: Holiday Offer

Thanks for the heads up.  

This plan is what I was looking for and unfortunately I understand it has expired as of Dec 31st. Do reps have flexblity to extending plans out?  I may be too late!!

Re: Holiday Offer

Hello @teresa1230,

I didn't realize the plan expired on December 31st, and don't know if Rogers reps can extend the offer for you.


Give them a call, explain the situation, and never know.  I hope you get it!