Hitron works fine in gateway mode with my new Netgear so why bridge?

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Hitron works fine in gateway mode with my new Netgear so why bridge?

I have the Rogers Hitron router and I've just added a Netgear Nighthawk to try to get some better coverage and higher speeds at the periphery of my home.


I set everything up and everything seems to be fine - the old 2.4 and 5.4 from the Hitron work and the new freqs are fine on the NG too.


Is this s fluke? Will I eventually get issues?


Why would I NEED to change the Hitron into a bridge if everything seems to be functioning together as I now have 4 networks I can use.


One final weird thing is that both my 2.4ghz networks seem to show better connection to the router on any meter I try but they seem to be unable to get any decent speeds when i test on speedtest.net - is that strange?


Any thoughts or advice on the bridge or not to bridge quandery?





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Re: Hitron works fine in gateway mode with my new Netgear so why bridge?

Why would you need to change to a Bridge configuration? There are probably more than a few reasons, but here are some that come to mind:


1. You might not see the latency issues running the CGN3 in Bridge mode that you would see in Gateway mode. If you do any gaming I would expect you to notice the difference.


2. Depending on how you set the Nighthawk up, you might be running a double NAT for anything connected to it. If you wanted to run the CGN3 in Gateway mode with the Nighthawk, you should turn off the DHCP server in the Nighthawk to avoid IP conflicts and any issues that might come up with port forwarding and set the Nighthawk IP address to something that is outside of the CGN3 IP range. There are arguments for and against keeping the firewall on the Nighthawk up and running and having a firewalled network within a network. I wouldn’t expect it to cause problems but it’s something to keep in mind.


Edit:  Thinking about the firewall issue again, if you were port forwarding for something connected to the Nighthawk, you would have to port forward on both the Nighthawk and CGN3.  So, you would have to set two port forwarding rules and would have to ensure that they match up on both devices.  That might prove interesting to attain, although I might be wrong here.  Running the firewall on the Nighthawk might add to those difficulties.


3. People have had issues with port forwarding with the CGN3, requiring them to go to a third party router.


4. The CGN3 wireless performance is not great due to its internal antenna. I would expect the Nighthawk to be able to support all of your wireless throughout the house, depending of course on the size and layout of your house. Depending on your plan, you would probably see the full data rate through the wireless on the Nighthawk, unless of course the end test device can’t keep up.


5. There are numerous reports of CGN3 users experiencing extremely high download amounts, sometimes 10 or hundreds of gigabytes in a day. If the Nighthawk has traffic monitoring capabilities that give you download/upload totals on a daily or hourly basis, having an independent source for those total amounts will give you a better idea of what is really going on with your network versus the Rogers totals, where you can’t determine what portion is from wired or wireless connections, if in fact there is any truth to the Rogers totals. Keep in mind that throughput monitoring comes with a cost, which can be a reduced throughput for any device with that function enabled.


6. Running the CGN3 in Bridge Mode with all of your devices behind the Nighthawk keeps your network private.

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Re: Hitron works fine in gateway mode with my new Netgear so why bridge?

Datalink has all valid points 🙂 

THough they may not apply to everyone, or everyone want to go that far.  Thats up to each user.

But #2 i would say in the most important.. that you want to make sure to avoid.

Will it work? Yes.

But you could run into issues where things to not route properly, etc.. as it is going through TWO NATs

As well, devices between the two networks, wouldnt be able to talk to each other properly.

IF you are going to keep it in that config, its completely doable.
I leave my NOT bridged, more than anything for NETWORK layout, to prevent some multiple extra long runs that would be needed. (I have my CGN3 wireless off though). 
If you are going to do it that way, i would recomend then, that you leave the CGN3 to do all the routing.. and set the Netgear as an ACCESS POINT only then, to handle the wireless.