Hitron Modem has the worst WiFi Range....

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Re: Hitron Modem has the worst WiFi Range....

Well a range extender has solved the problem. You set it up with a unique network name so you can log devices on. I used the same password to keep things simple.

I'd encourage you to check one out.

D-Link DAP-1320


Rogers is really cheaping out with a modem that for probably another 8 cents in China could be twice as good. My Bell router was much more powerful.


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Resident Expert
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Re: Hitron Modem has the worst WiFi Range....

ALL of the built in ones (bells included) are not very good overall.

Problem is, there is not anything BETTER on the market to go to 😞
The CGN3 is actually the newest, highest end gateway made currently.. most other places in canada/US are using OLDER ones.


Really all in all, generally to get better performance, you need to go to a higher end/quality router period.
Comparing a 3rd party router with similar quality to the build in on the gateways, would run you $60... and the BETTER ones are $150... its a few more than 8 cents difference... it would be likely a HUGE cost increase.


Good to hear the extender worked for you though.
(i have had bad luck in the past with them, but havent tried one in YEARS, so the newer ones may work better)