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Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I am having some extreme inconsistency issues with my new Hitron CGN3 modem and my Xbox One/Xbox Live connection. This has been going on ever since I upgraded my connection to the new fiber 250 package about a month ago.


Here is what is happening:


- I am connecting through the a cat 5e lan cable directly to the modem.


- if I run a detailed network test on the network settings of the Xbox, I get a download speed of approx 80 - 110 MB and an upload of approx 21 MB.  This upload is great but the download is nowhere near what it should be.


- if I run a second test the download speed drastically drops to around 60 MB but the upload remains around 21 MB.


- if I run a third test the download drops again to between 15 - 20 MB but upload stays the same.  All tests after this will stay with a lown download speed unless I walk away for a while.  if I did walk away and come back amd try again, i would start off with results like in the first step and go down each test afterwards.


- all speed testing and usage from the cell phones, computers and tablets in the house do not have this type of issue as they all stay consistent, even if I ise the same cat 5 e cable the Xbox is using and the same port on the modem.


- I have replaced the modem once already.


- I have replaced all cat cables with new ones and they do perform as expected when plugged into a computer.


- I have setup port forwarding and also tried putting the xbox in the dmz with no luck.


- techs have verified the lines and signals seem good coming into the home.


- I have taken the Xbox to a couple other peoples homes who have the same internet package and there I can get 200MB down consistently so it can't be the Xbox.


- i have even disabled the residential mode for the modem and plugged the Xbox directly into the modem now in bridge mode and still can only get consistent download speeds of 30 MB but if I plugged a computer into it, I get great speeds.


At this point, the only thing left I can think of is something on the server side liniting this type of connection from the Xbox.


Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

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Only thoughts on it..

Just checked, and the network port on the Xbone is gigabit... so shouldnt be any limiations via that.

The NAT on the unit, is a little strict.. i know people sometimes have issues with it when just internal.. which could be restricting on how its connecting.

But putting the unit in bridged, or having the xbone in the DMZ, should remove that.

Having had it for a month.. the you should be on the new firmware for the CGN3.. so it shouldnt be any issues with that.


Only thing i can think... what speed test/measurement thing are you using on the xbone?  Is it its own built in thing?
As the SERVER it may be connecting to, may be drasticaly different location than where you would be doing one via the PC, which could be skewing results.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for the input.


Yeah, by default the NAT is set to moderate but I was able to try it with the NAT set to open by specifying the IP, Gateway and DNS servers manually.  Even though they were the same ip's that got assigned automatically, this seemed to change the NAT setting to open.


Yes, I do have the latest firmware on the modem, that was one thing that I had verifed with Rogers support already.


The speed test I am doing is a connection test that is built into the Xbox and I do understand what you mean that this built in method could be hitting a totally different set of hops to get to different servers, in fact I have read that the Xbox Live servers are in Washington.  As this point that does makes sense until you factor in the following, if I take my XBox to my brothers house which is about a 5 minute drive away, I get 200 MB downloads speeds consistently, I would assume that at his place I would still be hitting Washington servers.  On top of this, I have also had my brother bring his Xbox to my place and he too gets the same 30 MB download speed with his but not his laptop, tablet, etc.


To me it seems more and more like something on a Rogers server is limiting the type of connection to and from the xbox and that limitation is assinged specifically to my account/connection.  That is the only thing I can think of that would cause this type of results.  I pretty confident in the fact that I have ruled out all hardware issues as well as tried all software settings without any luck.


Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

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Your XBox One may not be testing speeds to a location nearest you. Are you able to get a location on where the tests are being performed? If it's being performed against a server over in the west coast, then you'll never get accurate results from a 15 second speed test. It's never safe to assume that your speed tests are coming from the same location everytime you perform a test.


Preferably you would want to test your speeds on a computer against either or 




Also, what's the concern about the speeds on your XBox One. Even with a 100mbps speed test is more than sufficient for 90% of the stuff you'll be doing with your XBOX which would be gaming and streaming videos. You'll be using no more than 10mbps tops on those items. The rest of the bandwith you own would be unrealized/unutilitized unless you were doing downloads of games.


Your primary focus on your XBox One should be having the lowest amount of latency as possible, with a high degree of stability. Bandwidth would be secondary to that with the internet connection that you own.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I understand that the speed test may not be a location near me when going to the Microsoft servers, but again, those are the same Microsoft servers I would be testing against from the other locations that have tested fine.


I do test my computer against and that is usually fine although last night was terrible.  That check verifies the speed from my connection to the Rogers servers using a different method that the xbox does not use.  It is not possible to run these exact tests on the xbox as these (speedtest and speedcheck) are both flash based tools.


As for your update, I think you have missed my whole point.  First off, I'm not getting 90%, my first connection test will get between 70 - 80 down which is not even 50% of the 250 I get (and yes I know it is UP TO 250).  My second test drops from there to between 30 - 60 and each test after that comes in between 20 - 30 down.  Does it bother me that I do not get anywhere near the 250, of course, but my real concern is the inconsistency of the speeds.  Due to this, one minute everything is fine and 10 seconds later everything is lagged.