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Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I am having some extreme inconsistency issues with my new Hitron CGN3 modem and my Xbox One/Xbox Live connection. This has been going on ever since I upgraded my connection to the new fiber 250 package about a month ago.


Here is what is happening:


- I am connecting through the a cat 5e lan cable directly to the modem.


- if I run a detailed network test on the network settings of the Xbox, I get a download speed of approx 80 - 110 MB and an upload of approx 21 MB.  This upload is great but the download is nowhere near what it should be.


- if I run a second test the download speed drastically drops to around 60 MB but the upload remains around 21 MB.


- if I run a third test the download drops again to between 15 - 20 MB but upload stays the same.  All tests after this will stay with a lown download speed unless I walk away for a while.  if I did walk away and come back amd try again, i would start off with results like in the first step and go down each test afterwards.


- all speed testing and usage from the cell phones, computers and tablets in the house do not have this type of issue as they all stay consistent, even if I ise the same cat 5 e cable the Xbox is using and the same port on the modem.


- I have replaced the modem once already.


- I have replaced all cat cables with new ones and they do perform as expected when plugged into a computer.


- I have setup port forwarding and also tried putting the xbox in the dmz with no luck.


- techs have verified the lines and signals seem good coming into the home.


- I have taken the Xbox to a couple other peoples homes who have the same internet package and there I can get 200MB down consistently so it can't be the Xbox.


- i have even disabled the residential mode for the modem and plugged the Xbox directly into the modem now in bridge mode and still can only get consistent download speeds of 30 MB but if I plugged a computer into it, I get great speeds.


At this point, the only thing left I can think of is something on the server side liniting this type of connection from the Xbox.


Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Only thoughts on it..

Just checked, and the network port on the Xbone is gigabit... so shouldnt be any limiations via that.

The NAT on the unit, is a little strict.. i know people sometimes have issues with it when just internal.. which could be restricting on how its connecting.

But putting the unit in bridged, or having the xbone in the DMZ, should remove that.

Having had it for a month.. the you should be on the new firmware for the CGN3.. so it shouldnt be any issues with that.


Only thing i can think... what speed test/measurement thing are you using on the xbone?  Is it its own built in thing?
As the SERVER it may be connecting to, may be drasticaly different location than where you would be doing one via the PC, which could be skewing results.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for the input.


Yeah, by default the NAT is set to moderate but I was able to try it with the NAT set to open by specifying the IP, Gateway and DNS servers manually.  Even though they were the same ip's that got assigned automatically, this seemed to change the NAT setting to open.


Yes, I do have the latest firmware on the modem, that was one thing that I had verifed with Rogers support already.


The speed test I am doing is a connection test that is built into the Xbox and I do understand what you mean that this built in method could be hitting a totally different set of hops to get to different servers, in fact I have read that the Xbox Live servers are in Washington.  As this point that does makes sense until you factor in the following, if I take my XBox to my brothers house which is about a 5 minute drive away, I get 200 MB downloads speeds consistently, I would assume that at his place I would still be hitting Washington servers.  On top of this, I have also had my brother bring his Xbox to my place and he too gets the same 30 MB download speed with his but not his laptop, tablet, etc.


To me it seems more and more like something on a Rogers server is limiting the type of connection to and from the xbox and that limitation is assinged specifically to my account/connection.  That is the only thing I can think of that would cause this type of results.  I pretty confident in the fact that I have ruled out all hardware issues as well as tried all software settings without any luck.


Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Your XBox One may not be testing speeds to a location nearest you. Are you able to get a location on where the tests are being performed? If it's being performed against a server over in the west coast, then you'll never get accurate results from a 15 second speed test. It's never safe to assume that your speed tests are coming from the same location everytime you perform a test.


Preferably you would want to test your speeds on a computer against either or 




Also, what's the concern about the speeds on your XBox One. Even with a 100mbps speed test is more than sufficient for 90% of the stuff you'll be doing with your XBOX which would be gaming and streaming videos. You'll be using no more than 10mbps tops on those items. The rest of the bandwith you own would be unrealized/unutilitized unless you were doing downloads of games.


Your primary focus on your XBox One should be having the lowest amount of latency as possible, with a high degree of stability. Bandwidth would be secondary to that with the internet connection that you own.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I understand that the speed test may not be a location near me when going to the Microsoft servers, but again, those are the same Microsoft servers I would be testing against from the other locations that have tested fine.


I do test my computer against and that is usually fine although last night was terrible.  That check verifies the speed from my connection to the Rogers servers using a different method that the xbox does not use.  It is not possible to run these exact tests on the xbox as these (speedtest and speedcheck) are both flash based tools.


As for your update, I think you have missed my whole point.  First off, I'm not getting 90%, my first connection test will get between 70 - 80 down which is not even 50% of the 250 I get (and yes I know it is UP TO 250).  My second test drops from there to between 30 - 60 and each test after that comes in between 20 - 30 down.  Does it bother me that I do not get anywhere near the 250, of course, but my real concern is the inconsistency of the speeds.  Due to this, one minute everything is fine and 10 seconds later everything is lagged.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

One question.

These other locations that you have tested the xbox one on.. are they ALSO using Rogers internet? Or a different provider?

I ask.. not for the sake of that rogers is throttling/blocking anything (there would be no reason to.. they would WANT you to use more.. more likely to go over your usage amount)...
But more for the sake of ROUTING.

Again, since the test the xbox one uses, is farther away.. the PATH to get there... might varry from provider to provider.

There is a MAJOR issuse going on, with one of the major peering partners in the US... WoW, LoL and other games are greatly effected by this, as MANY major ISP's in canada and the US, route through this set of nodes.  THis can effect speed, latency, etc.

Its possible that if on other ISP's, that they are taking DIFFERENT paths to the destination.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I am glad I am finally talking with someone that does have ideas and does know about technology as it has been very frustrating trying to get people to understand what is going on.

With that being said, to answer your question, yes, both other location I have tried are both Rogers customers, both on the exact same package as me (i.e. 250 fibre - 250 up - 20 down) and both have the exact same modem, Hitron CGN3.  This is one of the main reasons I am thinking there is something specifically assigned/throttling my particular account.


I know about the ISP disputes and of course the software/service provider disputes (i.e. Netflix, etc.) currently going on but you would think if that was the case it would not just happen at my place but also at the other two locations I have tried.  On top of this, if this was also the case, I wouldn't think my home would be consistently slow and the other two location consistently fast (both locations always show between 180 - 200).


I honestly don't think Rogers is performing any throttling on my account on purpose, however we all know they used to do it as they were order by the CRTC to stop doing it.  The main area they used to do it was P2P (which XBox Live technically is).  I have been a Rogers customer for over 10 years I am wondering if they have forgot to remove something on my account.


My XBox Live speed has never been over 30Mbps (download) for years (used to have a 360) but it was never that much of a concern as I did not have such a great package at that point.  Now that I have a fibre package, it is not only the fact that it is not faster, it is now way more unstable and sometimes even unusable.




Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

Ok, they are rogers customers.. Hmm..

Are they in the same basic geographic location? (city, etc) or fairly different.
I know my paths, even through rogers servers, are different than say someone who is in toronto, etc
(i am like an hour north of toronto)


If we KNEW what server the xbox tested against.. could to a tracetroute and pathping from both households and see if any varriences.

(wish you could do those FROM the xbox)


The xbox data should NOT be P2P though.. P2P data throttling, was targeting specifically TORRENT data type packets.. which xbox shouldnt be using that i am aware of.


Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

yuppers, each location is in the same city no more than 10 km from each other.  The city itself is about 30 minutes west of Hamilton.

I am checking with Microsoft to see if I can get some info on the servers that the xbox is hitting so that we can attempt some tracing.  Not sure how much luck I will have but its worth a shot.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Listen, I understand you want to see full speeds out of your XBox One when it comes to running tests, but those tests are usually there to provide verification of connectivity, not to test the full benefits of your XBox connection.


I have a PS4 and I'm in the same boat. When I test my connectivity using the speed tester on there, I usually get around 40mbps download out of my 250mbps connection. Especially when the download test only runs for 5-10 seconds before going onto the next test. In reality, it's not going to know my true bandwidth speeds in that short duration of time. But I really don't care about it. The thing I'm most concerned about is latency when playing games. 


Just because I have a lambo that can go 300km/h doesn't mean I should set my expectation that I'll be going 300km/h all the time especially when the city streets are only going 50km/h with the normal flow of traffic. Meaning that my gaming experience is only going to be using 10mbps download max out of my 250mbps connection. So I really don't care if the speed test shows me 40mbps because that's plenty for my needs.


Latency and packet loss are the numbers I'm concerned about because that is the biggest deal when it comes to multiplayer gaming. Latency is the reaction time it takes for me to press a button to fire my gun, goes out to the internet and gets registered to the other consoles. The smaller that number is, the better off you are. Preferably below 60ms. Packet should be 0 or near 0 as much as possible.


The speed test results that you get on your Connection Test would be completely randomized due to large throughput you have on your connection because:

  • The speed tests is only for a short duration of time and will not accurately measure your banwidth in the 5-10 seconds it performs the download/upload tests
  • Location of the speed test server the XBox randomly picks
  • Current usage capacity of those servers that you are testing against at any given time. They aren't speed test servers, so they aren't dedicated to test large capacity connections. They are just verifying your connection. When you perform your test, the server quite possibly doesn't have 250mbps to upload to you to verify that is test speed you have.
  • Geographically dispersed locations on where these test servers are means that your connection testing is going further distances to verify, in most cases, further than your multiplayer gaming experiences would be.

What I would be checking for is your experiences in multiplayer game play, such as:

  • Unregistered hitbox hits when playing multiplayer shooters
  • Warping of characters around in the map
  • Game play stuttering


If you are experiencing those, I would focus my attention on pathpings and traceroutes to various services to see what my latency is like throughout the network. Minimum focus would be on Speedtests. Granted, high fluxuations in latecy and packet loss usually results in lower speeds, but not always. 


Start by doing trace routes to

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Akamai (CDN for gaming)
  • Limelight (CDN for gaming)

For example, playing an EA game? Maybe due a tracert/pathping to to see if I'm getting packet loss or high latency round trip times.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I follow what you are saying, I will try some of those other trace routes as well.

I don't expect full speeds, I don't care if they are half speeds, what I care about is being able to actually use my xbox for fun, not to build frustration and raise my blood temperature.

I absolutely do see unregistered hits.  I do see periods of lag/jitter where things slow down to a crawl.  For example, if I play something like COD, everything is fine one minute, someone comes into view and I'm dead, watch the kill cam and see that the other player saw me waaayy before I saw him.  This is not a once in a while type of thing, it is 90% of the time no matter what I am playing.


Latency stays pretty consistent at 83ms, MTU is always in the 1400's and packet lose can be anywhere from 0% - 12%.


Its funny, I'm actually at my office right now which also connects through Rogers fibre and I ran a tracert from my desktop against and got a response of 23 hops, the initial 5 hops were Rogers ips and 12 of the total hops were timeouts.


Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I'm a Reliable Contributor
I don't expect full speeds, I don't care if they are half speeds, what I care about is being able to actually use my xbox for fun, not to build frustration and raise my blood temperature.


Oh I agree whole heartedly with you on that my friend. (Kudos for the post just on that btw). But to be honest with you, I stopped playing CoD awhile ago when they made the decision to stop having dedicated servers for the game play. Instead, they would have the gameplay hosted on someones internet connection. Since then, the game has been pretty much that. A rage fest where the game pretty much became a craptastical display of WTFery.


There would be matches where the game play would be just fine, and then others just the way you said it where someone would just come into my field of view, but the death cam shows that they saw me way before I saw them. I don't know if they changed back to dedicated servers for game play, but I pretty much changed to Battlefield for that particular reason. For the most part, I get a more consistent game play experience.


Maybe you can research CoD to see if they still do that. It might be the source of your ragequits if the game play is still being hosted by the players.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

Timeouts are not ALWAYS conductive to problems though.. all depends.


EG: I play Wow.
If i do a tracert to the wow servers.. usually around.. 15-18 hops.
Last 5-6 hops, are timeouts. 

BUT, this is OK.  As those last hops, are INTERNAL, they are behind Blizzards firewall, and they dont respond to pings, etc.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

@Gdkitty - yes, I agree with you there, it was just funny to see.  I already learned that lesson from trying to ping Rogers DNS servers in the past without realizing they hid them after the whole DNS server crashes they experienced in the past.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

@gisuck - I have played Battlefield a bit in the past as well as TItanfall but never really focused on performance too much as the game play was still a bit new to me so I was more focused on controls.  I will do some research and check those things out again to see.  Although, the network test on the xbox does seem to be consistently bad just like the COD performance so I'm not sure it will be just COD hosting on user machines (if that is the case).  I will try it out anyways.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

While not gaming.. i wonder trying some video streaming.. youtube, netflix if you have an account?

Would test to see how consistant the stream is... and drops/chokes, would effect the stream your playing.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I Plan to Stick Around

Sure, I can try that out too.  I have netflix and apple tv.  To be honest, I don't usually watch those from that tv but I will give it a shot.  My daughter does use a different tv to watch Netflix all the time and she does have some major issues where the movie/show will stop right in the middle and she will have to start it from the beginning again and fast forward to where it froze up on her.


I have always assumed that was due to the Rogers/Netflix dispute.


Netflix is also by a wireless connection through.

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

That could be another issue.. something with the wireless, etc.

I stream netflix, wirelessly.. but the TV (smart TV) with netflix, is.. oh 3 ft away from the router 😛
I generally have never had an issues at all.. and pull an almost 5m or higher stream from netflix without issues..
(few rare times, was more with the movie itself)

Re: Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I've Been Around

Hey Rogers community,


I have been a recent subscriber to the Rogers Ignite 100 Unlimited package as of late, and was quickly disheartened by the performance issues I was having with the Hitron CGN3ACSMR modem/router combo and my Xbox One.


I chose the internet package due to having a laptop, Samsung Note 4 and an Xbox One all requiring speedy connectivity... Especially knowing that next-gen consoles rely heavily on downloadable content, as well as the games themselves being quite large downloads (you are able to purchase and download them over the air, typically ranging from 2GB + per game).


However, to my dismay I discovered that the Hitron CGN3 and the Xbox One are not the best of friends. The issue I was having was not universal to each game played, however I noticed that playing any EA developed game, whether it be Fifa 15, NHL 15, Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline that I could never finish a full game. In the sense that I would be playing, and without warning I would be returned to the main menu while mid-game with the same message; Your Connection to the EA servers has been lost.


I have had issues in the past with having a strict NAT on my Xbox 360 console. It was typically a simple fix, set a static IP on the xbox, log into the router's gateway on a computer and simply open the ports designated by Microsoft. Then voila, open NAT and no issues.


I opened the Network menu in the Xbox One's settings.. In which it showed that my Nat was Strict.

So as before, I set a static IP for the Xbox. Then logged into the CGN3, designated the necessary ports and rebooted both devices.



When I re-opened the Network menu, it said my NAT port was now open. Thinking this would solve my disconnect issues I began to play Battlefield... Only to be disconnected mid-game once again with the same lost connection message.


Not giving up, I then tried to set the Xbox's IP into the DMZ... Same results. I tried to set the Xbox to automatically populate the IP instead of use the static setting, then I reserved the DHCP of the Xbox on the router. (Essentially the same as using a static IP)... Same results.


After searching through the net, I learned two things, this was a common occurance for owners of the CGN3 and the Xbox One with little to no support on how to fix the issue. And I also then discovered there is an advanced Network diagnosis hidden in the Xbox One, when you are in the Network settings, select the Multiplayer Connection Test, and once the results have populated, press and hold all of the left and right bumpers and triggers on the controller. It will then go into an even more in-depth diagnosis in which it will even describe to you the exact type of NAT you have. I then learned that even though your NAT may read OPEN in the menus previous, it may not actually be open. I realized that my NAT was truly a moderate setting, because instead of saying I was in an "open cone NAT" it told me I was in an "address-restricted NAT".


I began to get frustrated as I tried both using the wifi and a CAT6 ethernet connection, both to no resolution.


After doing a bit of a research on these very boards, I came across this thread; HERE

That thread was more related to a PC game, however it was an issue similar to what I had experienced and the game in question happened to be made by EA. So, seemingly having run out of options other than to buy an external router and bridge the connection like many have had to do, I noticed my CGN3 hadn't been one of the ones to recieve the most recent firmware upgrade...


I sent CommunityHelps a private message with the modem's MAC designation and my Roger's account number, and after an immediate response, I waited. Roughly a day later, I had the latest firmware on the modem. With fingers crossed I opened my Xbox, headed straight to the advanced Network diagnosis, and lo-and-behold I had an open-cone NAT. So far so good, headed to Battlefield, played many full games with no hiccups. Then tried NHL and Fifa 15, and also no connection issues!


So, before you head out to buy a new router, give @communityhelps a PM with the necessary info and give the firmware update a shot!


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