Hitron CGN3 SNMP String

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Hitron CGN3 SNMP String

Hey all,


I've recently had my connection upgraded and in the process been moved to a Hitron CGN3 away from my previous SMC device.  One thing I notice (both from the spec sheets and from a port scan) is that SNMP is available on this device, which I think it going to be handy to monitor bandwidth use, device health, etc.


One problem, SNMP options seem to be disabled GUI for the cusadmin account, as does telnet and ssh access; so I can't work out what the default SNMP community string is (no it's not public, private or rogers).


Any ideas?







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Re: Hitron CGN3 SNMP String

Likely, it is disabled and locked out 😞

If its not available via the CUSADMIN... means that it has not been enabled via the superadmin account (rogcesadmin/mso login).
This is a login the rogers only has.. as it gives FULL control of the modem, where one can end up changing the channel profiles, etc.


All in all, if you are looking to manage things to that level.. you would be best to BRIDGE the unit, with a 3rd party router which does have all the features your looking for.