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Hitron CGN3 - Router questions

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Hi all,


I just upgraded from Extreme Plus to HF 250/20 and of course as part of the upgrade I had to return my Cisco modem and take the Hitron CGN3 instead. Other than the fact that for the second time in 2 modems the . at the Rogers store failed to actually *activate* my new modem and I had to go through Tech Support to get it online, all has been good (granted only about 2 days). Speeds are good, all is functioning (in gateway mode) as it should.


My questions relate to why so many people want to use this in bridge mode. I understand that the Hitron does not function so well in bridge mode, and I have read a lot on that, but I have not really seen why so many people are so unhappy with the the out-of-the-box gateway mode.


I assume that the firewall and security of the Hitron are standard etc, so what is wrong with the router part of this per se? Do I really need a fuller-featured router that the Hitron provides? I guess that is hard to answer when you don't know my usage and setup etc, but perhaps some experienced users can list a few of the major deficiencies of the Hitron as router that are driving so many users to bridge mode and a stand-alone router? I want to learn what I am missing 🙂 





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Re: Hitron CGN3 - Router questions

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There is a DNS page on the CGN3.. which appears you can change it there.. not sure on how well it works though.. i do it at the DEVICE level myself.

Oh! one thing to change there on your wireless setup. 
Move it over to AES only.

Many people have found, if the device connect viat TKIP, it can be throttled down to the 54mb range.

Re: Hitron CGN3 - Router questions

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Done. And thanks so much for the 'tutorial'



Re: Hitron CGN3 - Router questions

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I have the Hitron CGN3 modem ...


One desktop is direct via CAT5 cable to one of the ports on the CGN3.


Hooked up the Netgear WNR1000 Router directly to one of the ports on the CGN3 (this is strictly for the Smart Home Monitoring).


Hooked up the Asus N600 RT-N53 Dual Band Router to one of the ports on the CGN3 ... this gives me better range and signal from the front of the house on the second floor to the desktop (wirelessly using 5GHz) that is hooked up to the TV in the Living Room on the main floor at the back of the house.


PERFECT Signals on the Asus 5GHz band!!!


I link my laptops wirelessly to the 2.4GHz band of the Asus Router on the mainfloor and 5GHz for my Samsung Tablets on the mainfloor.


The Samsung Phones are via 5GHz to the Asus on the Mainfloor


When on the second floor I use the 5GHz for the CGN3 ...

Re: Hitron CGN3 - Router questions

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Hitron CGN3 - "Security: Logs Screen" is not available


From the manual for Hitron CGN3 User's guide,, page 104 describes a Security: Logs Screen.


After speaking with Roger's technical support, I understood that the Roger's firmware removes this feature.


I assume this screen would allow for inspecting internet access logs through the router?  This could be a useful feature for parental control, to view a history of internet access.


What is the reason this feature was removed?  Is there a way customers can enable it?

Re: Hitron CGN3 - Router questions

Hello @thebaj,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can understand how disappointing it is to find out there are additional features on your modem that you are unable to access at this time. =(


The modems produced by Hitron are used by many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) worldwide who may request specific features. Instead of manufacturing devices with a specific feature set for each ISP, they include everything and then allow the ISP's to modify the software to enable or disable the features that they prefer. Regrettably, we are not privy to the reasoning why this feature has been disabled and there is no way for customers to enable this on their modems.


For those customers who would like more control over the features on their modem, we recommend using a Third Party Router and putting the modem in Bridge mode so it operates as a standalone modem only. I know this may not be an ideal response but there are many users in the Community that can recommend a good Router and help you configure it too!


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community.