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Hitron CGN3 Firewall functionality

I've Been Here Awhile

I am confused by the Firewall function of my CGN3 router.


Look at the screen shot:


I thought the Firewall functionality is about restricting LAN-to-WAN traffic since the router in "GATEWAY" mode automatically does not allow any traffic coming from WAN-to-LAN (because the computers on LAN are using private IP addresses).


SO if this is the case, why enabling minimum (or typical) security in the Firewall page sets WAN-to-LAN traffic to allow All? How is this even possible since you need a specific port forwarding rule to make WAN-to-LAN possible?


Am I missing something here?



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Re: Hitron CGN3 Firewall functionality

I Plan to Stick Around

The firewall settings are inbound. The publlic to private IP Address conversion is a NAT function. Service filtering allows you to set up rules for LAN-to-WAN traffic.


Pages 89 - 103.