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Hitron CGN2 Wireless Settings

I've Been Around

Hi, I just upgraded my internet service and received a new modem,  It is the Hitron CGN2.  The wired connection works fine, however when I go to to change the wireless settings, nothing comes up.  I tried this on two different computers using both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.  I even checked my IP address using Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you for any responses.



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Re: Hitron CGN2 Wireless Settings

I'm a Senior Advisor
  • From the CGN2 manual I found online, the login box might be a popup.  Did you check that your popup blockers were off?

Re: Hitron CGN2 Wireless Settings

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

can you open a DOS prompt? (command prompt)


(usually START, then in the search box,  cmd)


When there, type




For your connection there, it should list your IP for that machine, as well it should list, your GATEWAY.


This should be the IP you need to log into.

I have a feeling, the CGN2, might be set by default to instead.